View The Travel Route On Map

view travel route

The cell phone spyware gives the facility to view the travelling route on a map, which you can open in the control panel. So with the help of this feature you can:

  • See the travelling route of the monitored cell phone in the control panel.
  • Check out which places the target user has been and the route they took for these locations.
view travel route of target phone on map
view complete travel route completed by your target phone

Why Use This Feature?

If you’ve always been surrounded by the thoughts that your loved ones lie to you about where they go, whom they meet.. you surely have to look into the matter. Are your kids at school as they should be? Do you doubt that your field workers fake all those miles and do their personal work during office hours? Just get cell phone spy app in their cell phones and see where they go and what route they’re on!

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