View The Bookmarked And Saved Pages

view saved bookmarks

With the help of cell phone spying software you can see the saved pages and bookmarked websites of the monitored cell phone, so you can:

  • Check the websites that have been bookmarked on the browser of monitored cell phone.
  • Find out how many times the bookmarked websites have been visited.
  • Get the details of the visit, i.e. time and date.
  • Every detail related to the website visits get uploaded to the control panel from where you can access to all the information.
view website bookmarks
view saved websites

Why Use This Feature?

If you want to find out which websites your kids visit using their smartphones, or whichever URL’s your employees have saved in their cell phones, you can simply do that by logging in to the control panel from where all the information is easily accessible. You can see the bookmarked websites and other URL’s that are saved in the monitored cell phone’s browser.

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