Read Their Skype Chats

spy on skype

Cell phone spy software effectively lets you read all the chat messages that happen on the monitored cell phone user’s Skype. You can easily:

  • Read all Skype conversations.
  • See the call logs of Skype.
  • Check out the contact details of all who are being contacted by the Skype user.
  • Get access to all multimedia files that get sent or received by Skype.
  • All Skype conversations get updated to the control panel that you can access from any computer that has internet on it.
skype spy
skype spying

Why Use This Feature?

Skype is widely used in organizations to keep the employees connected with each other, but you just can’t expect them to use it wisely! Whenever they can, they will sneak out and misuse this facility for their own leisure. If you doubt your teens might be using skype to have inappropriate conversations, then with the help of cell phone spy app you can find out exactly what they talk over and which people they have in their contacts list. With this much ease in your hands, you can easily keep an eye on your kids and employees. Simply login to your control panel and view the information regarding the chats and call logs.

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