Setup Trigger Words

Setup Trigger Words

This exclusive feature of cell phone spy program lets you define a set of words that will invoke a notification that gets sent to you via SMS or email. The words you put for trigger action, if get used in a SMS or email, will raise an alert.

  • Define a set of words to get notified for.
  • If the words defined in the trigger list appear in an email or a text message, then you will get notified for the same.
  • These notifications will be sent to you via email or SMS.
trigger words
define words

Why Use This Feature?

Do you want to ensure that none of your children use abusive language when they talk to their friends? Do you want to find out if they talk about things they shouldn’t be talking via text messages or email? Just use cell phone spy program and get notified if they use the words you have defined in your trigger list!

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