Check If They Have Entered Restricted Area

Find Out if They Enter Restricted Areas

In the control panel you can set up safe and restricted areas and get alerted if the target cell phone steps up in these locations.

  • You can set up restricted and safe areas on the map in your control panel.
  • You will get notified if the monitored cell phone checks in these places.
  • You can choose how you would wish to get alerted; via SMS, or email.
mark areas as restricted and receive notifications
Why You Need Find Out if They Enter Restricted Areas

Why Use This Feature?

As a parent you will always want to make sure that your children don’t visit places which aren’t safe for them! Do you also want to keep a check on your employees that they don’t visit certain places during office hours? All this can be only done if you instal the app in their phones and then you can put up the safe/restricted places in the control panel and stay alerted.

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