View Their Location History

view location history on map

Cell phone spying software is excellent in tracking the GPS location of the monitored cell phone, therefore with the help of this software you can view the travel route of the phone.

  • See the places where your monitored phone has been to.
  • Get proper details of the location, as in longitude and latitude.
  • Check the date and time information about the visits.
  • See the list of all places visited on your control panel.
view complete location history
Why you need to view location history

Why You Need This Feature?

This feature comes handy in cases when you’re doubtful about what your employees tell you about their location, especially during office hours, or if you feel that your kids lie to you and bunk the school. So if you want to know where they go and at what time, simply put the software in their cell phone and dig the truth yourself. Login to the control panel and see where your target user is currently.

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