Live Call Intercept

live call intercept

Cell Phone spy program easily lets you listen to the live calls that are being made by or received by the target cell phone. This app easily lets you:

  • Easily listen to the live calls handled by the target cell phone.
  • Get notified for any ongoing calls and start listening to them live.
  • The target phone user will never know that their call is being listened on!
cell interception software
why you need call interception

Why You Need This Feature?

Does it feel odd when your kids avoid picking up calls in front of you, but behind your back they’re constantly blabbering. Do you want to know what they talk throughout the day? Are you sure they’re not up to something really wrong? Do you doubt one of your employee is providing company’s information to your rivals? Why not simply listen to their live calls and find out the truth? Get notified on the go and listen to the live calls!

Cell phone spy software has a wide range of monitoring features.  See a side by side comparison: