Read Incoming And Outgoing Emails

View incoming/outgoing emails

With the help of cell phone spyware you can read all the emails that are handled via the monitored cell phone, therefore you can:

  • Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing emails of the monitored cell phone.
  • Check all emails that have been exchanged via email apps.
  • Read all emails.
  • View when the emails have been sent and received, i.e. date and time.
Read all incoming and outgoing emails on the target phone
Why You Need to View incoming/outgoing emails

Why Use This Feature?

If you’re afraid that your employees use the company’s smartphones to operate their personal email accounts and exchange emails, you can’t ignore the fact that they might trade company’s crucial information via their personal accounts. Also you can’t avoid the thoughts of your children sending or receiving improper content via their phones! So if you want to know the truth, simply install the app in their cell phones and login to your control panel to view the details.

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