View Call History

view call history

With the help of cell phone spy app you can get an access to the target cell phone’s call logs. You can check everything in detail on the control panel.

  • You can check all calls made and received from the monitored phone.
  • You can view any missed calls.
  • You can view the date and time information.
  • You can easily get details regarding the contacts such as names and number.
  • You can view all the call logs on your control panel from which you can access from anywhere.
view mobile call history
why you need to view call history

Why Use View Call Logs Feature?

Sometimes listening to calls aren’t satisfactory enough and you might feel the need to find out more, for instance the find out the details of a particular contact. Do you want to make sure that none of your employees are making deals with your competitors? Do you really want to know with whom your kids are chatting with? Simply install the software in the phone you wish to monitor and afterwards you can view all information related to the call logs in the control panel.

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