Get Access To Gmail

View their Gmail

With the cell phone spy app you can easily read the emails of the monitored cell phone that are sent or received via the Gmail account/app.

  • You can read entire emails that get sent or received via the monitored cell phone’s Gmail app.
  • Get the details of the email recipients.
  • Check the time and date information of the emails along with their content.
  • Each and every detail pertaining to the emails get uploaded to the online control panel which you can login and read the details.
view all emails that the target phone sends through the Gmail application
Why You Need to view Gmail emails

Why Use This Feature?

If your kids misuse their smartphones to contact people they shouldn’t be contacting, or if you think that your kids might get unsolicited mails from strangers in their Gmail account, then you can read their emails easily by installing the app in their cell phones, because in the control panel you can read all the emails that are sent and received through the Gmail app in their phone.

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