1. What is Cell Phone Spy Software?
Cell Phone spy software is an effective way to monitor a smartphone; this software can be installed on any Android, iPhone, Symbian or BlackBerry phone. The best aspect about this software is that it works in complete discrete mode and never reveals its presence to the user, while at the same time it keeps on monitoring the activities and uploads data online  to the control panel from where you can easily access the stored data.

2. Why Does One Need Cell Phone Spy Software?
This application is beneficial for all those individuals who want to monitor the activities of a cell phone, for instance a family member or your employee without them knowing that they’re being spied on.

3. Does The Monitored Cell phone user know that they’re being monitored?
Cell phone spyware has been conceived and made in such a way that it never shows up in the host phone, hence it keeps working in discrete mode and the user never knows that they are being monitored.

4. How Will I know if Cell phone spy software works well on the phone I want to spy on?
Cell phone spy software normally includes a vast array of smartphones including all models of iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Android smartphones. As long as your target phone is a smartphone, you will probably be compatible.

5. Is Cell phone spyware is helpful?
If you want to secretly and remotely spy a smartphone belonging to either your employee or child, then cell phone spyware is the most helpful software one can use. Many people across the world use cell phone spyware to keep a check on their loved ones.

6. Is Cell phone spy app expensive?
Cell phone spy app isn’t expensive, especially if you consider the price of other surveillance equipment. Its quite affordable and there is a variety of choices to meet your pricing requirements.

7. Is the Cell Phone spy software easy to install?
Installation of Cell Phone spy software is not a massive task, moreover the steps involved in the installation are easy to understand that anybody can install the software easily.  Installation is usually about 5 minutes for a basic installation.

8. Does one need to physically access the host phone to install the software?
It depends on the software you buy and the level of features you are needing.  For Apple iPhones, there is a “no jailbreak” version that does not require access to the target phone; however in most cases – Yes, you need to access the phone just once so that you can install the cell phone spy app in it. After the installation the software does rest of the work discreetly and you can check all the data online in your control panel.

9. How to use the Cell Phone Spy Program?
After the installation has been done in the target cell phone, you need to login to your control panel and check the data that has been saved from the monitored phone.

10. What is control panel?
The control panel is your online user account, where you can login and access all information that has been saved from the monitored cell phone through the spy app.

11. Do I Need To Jailbreak the target iPhone?
Several of the cell phone spy apps offer many features that allow the software to be used in the “no jailbreak” necessary mode.  However, for the maximum advanced use of all features available in the software – Yes, jailbreak would be optimal and is very simple and easy to do.

12. Do I Need To Root the target Android?
Normally not all cell phone spy apps require the android phone to be rooted, but for some advanced monitoring features to work well, you do need to root the android phone.