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Do your loved ones lie to you about their whereabouts? Are you tired of the justifications they offer? Do you really want to know their location at your own convenience? Do you want to be able to track down the cell phone’s GPS location immediately? Keep reading if you want to know more about it…

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How Can Cell Phone Tracker Help Find Out The Location?

A Cell phone tracker must include GPS tracking which is one the strongest cell phone spy software features. It can help in finding out the location of any smartphone; iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. The installation of the app is a child’s play, and won’t take more than 5 minutes. Once you have installed it on the target cell phone, the app starts reporting information about the current GPS location of the monitored cell phone; of course this is just some of the basics. This information can be conveniently viewed in the control panel dashboard, which you can access online after logging in. You just need a working internet connection to access the information. The app is totally hidden, and the phone user never detects the presence of the application.

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Check Out The Location History

Do you wish to know where your monitored cell phone user was at a particular time of the day? Do you want to be able to see the list of all those places that the target user has visited in the last week? The Cell phone spy app will make it easy for you to check and go through the locations of the monitored cell phone, as well as providing a time log of location. In a nutshell the app makes it very convenient to view the location history. You simply need to login to your control panel and view the details for yourself; it will show you the detailed map regarding the monitored cell phone’s visited locations.

See Their Travel Route

If you want to know what route your workers take to go out for field office work, then you can easily get their routes by installing the cell phone monitoring software in their cell phones. Simply check out their route on the control panel’s map, and you can easily see what route they’ve picked to reach their destination. Using this method, you can keep an eye on their route and know their exact location.

Point The Safe & Unsafe Areas

If you want to know when your target cell phone enters or leaves a particular area, you easily can get notified! All you have to do is login to your control panel and see it for yourself whether they have entered or left safe/unsafe areas. This is easy because you get to identify and mark off the perimeter areas on the map in your control panel. If your target cell phone user gets into these restricted places you will get notified either by an email or SMS. This way you will stay updated about your monitored cell phone user and get notified if it leaves or enters a particular place.

How it works

Did You Know?

Getting to know the location of the cell phone you’re monitoring can be calculated by GPS and you can easily see when and where they are! With the Cell phone spy app you can track and see the location of the monitored cell phone in real time.

Why Use Cell Phone Tracker Software To Track Cell Phone?

Cell Phone tracker software is an exclusive advanced Spyware feature.

  • Easily locate and monitor the phone you want to at any given time.
  • Its pretty affordable and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Parents, in particular can benefit from this application since they can track their kid’s GPS location and watch out for their activities.
  • Companies can install the app in their employee’s cell phone and they can keep a track of their activities.
  • The app is completely invisible in the host phone.
  • Cell phone tracker software works on all smartphones and on all network service providers.
  • The software is pretty simple and easily to install in any phone.

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– Jim Butcher (Author of White Night)

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