Tried And Tested RioSPY Review!


Update 2018:  RioSPY is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2018 Pick

Tried And Tested RioSPY Review!
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A new cell phone spy app has taken over the world of spy apps – RioSPY it is! It has completely changed the way one used to use these softwares earlier. This review is absolutely based on the actual test of this software. What’s the greatest thing about it? It is completely free for 48 hours! Lets head over to the detailed review below to know more about our experience.

Note: This review is based on a personal experience. The software has been thoroughly tested to find out its efficacy. However, this review is solely for suggestion only.

We spotted RioSPY a couple of months ago, and curiosity lead us to use it – we are glad we used it and the app has scored pretty well in all its claims! As any new app, we didn’t wanted to rush in and review it. We took our time and tested the app at short intervals.

What Exactly Is Cell Phone Spy App?

Update 2018:  RioSPY is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2018 Pick

If you haven’t used any such app before, then let us give you a quick overview; a cell phone phone spy program or app is specifically designed so that it could be used to spy a cell phone, without putting the monitoring user at a risk of getting caught. Therefore the app is made stealth, just to conceal its working in the host phone. All one needs to do is install it secretly in the cell phone of the user, whom they wish to monitor.

Lets come back to RioSPY; the app is very much similar to its predecessor apps, but far more better than them in terms of efficacy, interface and use! In addition to the generic features, RioSPY has some advanced and exceptional features. So lets just outline these features without a further ado.

OS Compatibility & Supported Devices

RioSPY is fully compatible with most of the present day smartphones and other devices, though one needs to ensure the compatibility of the Operating system. Following devices and operating systems are supported by RioSPY:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPad – iOS upto 6.X
  • Android Devices upto 4.X

Though RioSpy is apt to spy any smartphone, still it is best for the user to check the official website to stay updated with any information regarding the version support. Moreover keeping a check on the website will give you the details of the supported phones as well. Remember, various phone models and operating systems support different features for monitoring, so you have to check which features are apt according to the target phone’s operating system.

Features Of RioSPY

Update 2018:  RioSPY is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2018 Pick

  • Track GPS Location: You can easily see the monitored phone’s GPS location on a map in your RioSPY account. At any time you can login to your account, access the GPS details and see the entire route history of the places visited by the phone user.

  • Access Contacts: This feature is extremely beneficial for all those who had wanted to get the details of the contacts stored in their target phone. Through this feature you will be able to see the details such as name, number and other relevant information stored along with the contact.

  • View Call History: At any given time of day, you can see who called them and vice versa. The details related to their calls will be made available in the account, and these details will have information about the time of call, number of calls made and received, deleted call logs etc. This is one strong feature of RioSPY.

  • Intercept IM Chats: Now this app is exceptional when it comes to tracking IM chats. However, the user needs to keep this in mind that if they want to monitor these, then the target iPhone needs to be Jailbroken. Similarly if the target phone is an Android device, then it needs to be rooted. When these phones have been made ready for IM interception, you can without a doubt read all the chats of WhatsApp and iMessage. If you don’t succeed in Jailbreaking an iPhone or Rooting an Android, then this feature of RioSPY won’t yield any results in the online account.

  • View Images: With this one of a kind feature, you can easily access and view all the images stored in the target phone. You will not only be able to see the images, but save them as well. The details will include time and date stamp too.

  • Spy SMS messages: By logging in to your account, you will be able to read all the Sent/Received messages in the SMS logs tab. The conversations are sequentially placed in the tabs, with a separate tab for sent and received messages. These have date and time information also.

  • Browse Internet History: This is another beneficial feature, especially for parents because they can see what websites their kids visit and how often. The entire web browsing history will get fetched and displayed in URL logs tab.

For detailed features of mSpy  visit there website here

Remote Control & Online Account

Features are omnipresent in any kind of app, but what matters is the ease of use and interface. RioSpy leads in this domain as well. It has an extremely easy and clutter free online account, from where you can access all the information, as well as remotely control the features to be monitored on the target phone. Though one thing to be mentioned is, with the account continuously synchronizing the data, the response time of the website gets very slow. Rest assured, every single activity gets punched in and saved in the account.

RioSpy Dashboard

Once you have logged in your account, you will enter the dashboard, where all the monitoring features are present in individual form, and they have a tab form as well. Also, you can see the Account information in the “My account” section on top right corner of. With the control panel, you can easily access all the information from any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection.

The Best About RioSPY: In A Nutshell

Update 2018:  RioSPY is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2018 Pick

  • Extremely Easy To Install: While many other apps fail in providing the ease of installing the software, RioSpy excels in this part. All one needs to do is sign up with the website and simply download the software on the target phone by visiting the “download” page of RioSPY. The software will get downloaded in a jiffy. After the installation, login to your RioSPY account from the target phone and this will sync the phone with the account. It may sound complicated, but it is not!!

  • Invisible – You Can Barely Tell Anything: There are a couple of apps, which claim to be stealth, but are not. These apps leave some icon in the app’s section or home, which may lead to the detection of the app by the phone user. On the contrary, RioSpy is an ace in incog mode. It leaves no visible traces in the monitored phone, hence there’s no chance that the phone owner will be able to tell anything.

  • Clean Interface: If you aren’t a tech savvy person, you’ll be more than happy to enjoy it’s clean and light interface where every information is organized in a proper manner. There’s a separate section for all the features, so if you want to jump off to the call logs section, you will get the information in a separate tab. In the “My account” section you can view the account information.

  • All The Features Speak For Themselves: Except the instant messenger interception (which has got nothing to do with the app’s efficacy) you can see all the features proficiently giving off the results in real time. And if you want to be able to monitor IM chats of WhatsApp and iMessage, then you’ve got to Jailbreak the target iPhone and/or Root the target Android device.

  • Free Trial For 48 hours & Demo: Again, this is a phenomenal feature they provide. You can check out the app’s working and evaluate whether it is THE app for your monitoring needs or not. Simply sign up for a free trial, that lets you monitor a phone for 48 hours, which means you can monitor your own phone for an evaluation purpose to see if you want to go ahead for a full purchase or not. Also if you don’t want to jump in right away for the trial, then you can check out the Demo version, which lets you see how the control panel and dashboard of RioSPY looks like.

You can visit the mSpy website here

Is It The New Age Spy App?

At the end, We have just got one thing to tell the leaders of cell phone spy programs – Watch out for RioSPY. It’s absolutely pro in it’s trade. We don’t have anything major to nag about, only that the app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Though this has been very wisely compensated by providing the app for all the versions of iOS and Android versions, and as a matter of fact these are the only reigning smartphones in today’s world, so no worries! We are fully satisfied by its working and have no complaints about it.