Top 5 Android Monitoring Software To Spy On Any Android Phone

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While there are plenty of options when it comes to android cell phones; there are ample of Android spy apps in the market acting as boon for those who wish to spy on someone. Not only these spy apps lets you track down your partner, but also helps in ensuring that your kids are safe when they are outside. Most of these monitoring apps are readily available in the market and can be used by anyone, anytime!

However, all the benefits offered by these spy apps comes at a price, which is worth the services (after all it lets you spy on someone without any hassle!). In the Android spying souk, you will find different spy apps offering varieties of features which means users can take advantage of these apps according to their needs.

Whether you want to record and forward your target’s cell phone messages to your device, or you wish to listen to their calls; spy apps lets you do almost everything you want. In this article, i’ll be discussing about the top 5 spy apps which you should not miss in order to track your target effectively! let’s go and take a look:

Top 5 Android Spy Apps


mspy box

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An easy to use spy app that lets you track almost everything from the target cell phone. Its tracking features include  WhatsApp tracking, keylogger, SMS tracking, GPS tracking, Skype tracking, GPS tracking, monitoring internet browsing, etc. Sharing over 1 million customers worldwide, this monitoring software has earned a good reputation worldwide. Plus a good thing about this spy service is that they offer excellent support which means you can get their help just about anytime!


mobistealth whatsapp monitoring

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A strong contender in the spy app market which apart from the basic spy features, offers advanced spy features such as tracking calendar activities, alerts and notifications, lock phone, remote access, view multimedia files etc. the software works completely in hidden mode and is quite easy to be installed. the software is compatible working with almost all cell phone brands and networks. Overall, a worthwhile app to invest in!




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A robust and useful app for employers, worried parents and spouses who want to track the cell phone of their dear ones in order to ensure that they are not being cheated. One interesting feature offered by this spy app is password cracking.  If your TARGET device is an iPhone or Android and you want to gain complete access to all applications on the device then FlexiSPY’s unique password cracker can help. FlexiSPY will give you a list of all installed applications that require a username and password as well as the username and passwords used to access that device.





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This app mainly appears as an efficient parental monitoring program that let concerned parents track their kids when they are outside. This app is available in different packages at variable costs. So you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and budget. From recording, tracking calls, browsing history, monitoring pictures and videos, to real time location tracking; this software updates everything on your user account. so just log in anytime and watch what your target is doing!

Highster Mobile


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If you are looking forward to track someone’s WhatsApp and Facebook chat conversations, then this is the right pick for you! Similar to Mobistealth, this app lets you block and restrict things in the target device in real time. The application gets easily installed and instantly starts tracking the target cell phone activities. The good part is that even if the messages are deleted from the cell phone; you will receive them on your user account.


All these Android spy apps lets you spy on someone the way you want; no matter where you are and what time it is! However, one should ensure that he.she should not disrespect someone’s privacy, as such situations can cause serious troubles.