StealthGenie Review From Real User


Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

StealthGenie Review From Real User
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Stop looking for a genuine StealthGenie review from authors who haven’t even tried the software! Here’s a tried and tested review from somebody who has actually used this spy software. It’s so indisputable, but a review means that a product has been tested first, on the contrary you might come across many reviews which are complete fables! To get things more complicated, there are bunch of review websites which account various people praising how efficient StealthGenie is, these things instead of making up our mind, confuses us more!

This review is going to be lengthy, since we’re going to cover up each and every aspect of this software. Not only it is going to be a detailed review, we will be covering up the required information which will help you to spend wisely. Bookmark this article, in case you wish to purchase the software later on.

We’re not aiming on simple reviews, that XYZ software does this, and that, its best at that, and buy it today.. Not going to give you mediocre review, but instead will help you to decide whether or not you should buy the software! So instead of jumping off to the bottom of this review, better go through all the information which has been highly researched and test to make sure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

If you have no idea what StealthGenie is, you should better make a stop at their website, but this review will give you the precise information.

StealthGenie and We

Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

It wasn’t easy, but we started off by installing StealthGenie in our cell phone, purpose of this was for effective testing. The only way to test it to the maximum was to have it on our cell phone and continue testing it for is reliability and validity. This way we have been able to see how the software works.

What’s Awesome About StealthGenie?

StealthGenie, in our honest opinion, is by far the best and excellent cell phone spy software! It’s incredibly powerful and incredible.


StealthGenie outstands all others when it comes to being a leader, reason being, not only the software, but the company is also reliable. Ever since they started out two years ago, they have constantly made the software much more efficient and competent. The evolution of the software has definitely improved the way it works presently, especially considering the array of new smartphones being introduced now and then.

They have consistently improved the software, and have always added to the features that were the need of the hour. They have set up an example for the rest, and others are simply following StealthGenie’s footprints. If you think that being the best means the software is expensive, then don’t be fooled! StealthGenie is completely worth the money one pays.

Phone Compatibility

Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

When people are always updating their cell phone’s operating system, why would StealthGenie be behind? This is one of the major aspect why StealthGenie deserves accolades! They always keep up with the various smartphones and versions of the operating systems being updated. Following is the updated list of OS they support:

  • Android: From 2.1 to 4.4
  • iPhone: From 3.0 to 7.1.2
  • BlackBerry: From 6.0 to above

StealthGenie usually is the first one to come up with the latest update as and when the operating systems are launched.

Major Monitoring Features

The major monitoring features are not that much highlighted in other cell phone spy software reviews, but here we will incessantly focus on the unsung heroes!

Call Recording Feature – One of the greatest feature that draws people to StealthGenie is Call Recording. If you have wanted to hear the conversations, then this is the feature you need! The feature needs a clear network signals between the both phones, only then you’ll be able to record clear conversations. These recordings can easily be downloaded.

Monitoring Instant Messengers – Monitor all instant messengers easily with StealthGenie. This features effectively lets you to monitor BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook chat, WhatsApp and Viber.

Gmail Monitoring – With StealthGenie you can monitor any Gmail account on the cell phone.This feature also lets you to monitor any other email account.

Triggered Alerts – This feature lets you keep an eye on triggered activities, which means you can mark certain words and phone numbers that will trigger an alert. These alerts can be seen online in the user area, or if you wish you’ll get notified on your cell phone. This genius idea lets you to monitor your kids or employees, thus saving your time from going through entire chats.

For detailed features of mSpy you should visit their website here

Security – StealthGenie has additional security features which let you take control over the cell phone.

  • Remotely you can manage the cell phone and lock/unlock it, a feature that can be used if the phone gets lost or stolen.
  • You can wipe out the cell phone’s data, take its backup and store the information. All this can be done remotely.
  • All of these features ensure the worth of the software, and you can install it on your own cell phone.
  • These features may make it worthwhile to install the software on your own phone if you are particularly worried about your own phone’s privacy and security.

StealthGenie Didn’t Stop Here, They Added More Features!

Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

Monitor More IM’s – Recently they have added more features, and have made it possible to monitor more instant messenger applications, Skype and Viber being the major one’s! So likewise you can view the chats and conversations being held on viber and skype.

GEO Fencing – This unique feature of StealthGenie is an extension to their GPS tracking feature. With geo fencing, you can easily mark safe and restricted places in your control panel and get notified if they enter or leave safe/restricted area. It’s a crackerjack idea to keep an eye on your kids or employees!

Additional Control – There are not many softwares which have features that totally set them apart from the others. Likewise, StealthGenie has some unique hidden features which might not seem ‘big’ at first, but are particularly very helpful. These features are :

  • You can easily remove the software remotely.
  • You can easily control the software, for e.g. when to start and to stop.
  • You can remotely check the data, as well as monitor which data you’d want to check.

The importance of these features only come out when used properly. Features like these only make StealthGenie excellent. On the contrary, we do suggest you not to jump into expensive and top-notch softwares right away, because a lot of people get the required information from the basic monitoring package. Always remember, a working and trustworthy software is all you need!

Tips To Purchase StealthGenie

Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

With so many features and different packages, it might become a bit confusing to settle down on which package should be bought. Though they have placed everything precisely, you still need to check out a couple of things before you buy the software.

For instance, there are certain features which are only available for Android. Therefore when you choose your target phone, e.g. Android, the page you’ll be directed to will display the list of all the features that are available according to the package you choose in terms of months. Make sure you choose the package wisely in terms of features you want. You can always upgrade to a different package later on in case you get the wrong one. But its always better to save yourself from the headache later.

You can visit the mSpy website here

Should You Buy StealthGenie?

Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick

For most of the people, StealthGenie is the best spy software as compared to others. It caters to all your monitoring needs, including the basic one’s and advanced ones. But if you need basic features then Mobile Spy is a better option because its less expensive as compared to StealthGenie.

stealthgenie buy page

StealthGenie is way more advanced and has more control and stable features which you can even check out in their Demo account. Through Demo account you can have a look at how the online control panel functions. The control panel has been designed so that the user doesn’t get cluttered data, overall best from the rest!

StealthGenie is extraordinary than most other softwares, hopefully this review has given you a full detain about it.