How To Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak

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No matter how many cell phones are introduced by different brands every single day, Apple continues to be the leader in the cell phone industry. The power, efficiency and magnificence of apple phones are reason behind their continually growing popularity. Moreover, the exclusive App store available on all Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad enable its users to explore a plethora of online apps.

However, this exclusivity of apple devices being limited to use apps from the apple store only becomes a major glitch in some cases. If someone desires to launch and use a third party app, which is not available on Apple app store, then he/she needs to jailbreak the iphone. Jailbreaking is a process which removes the restrictions applied by Apple on its devices. Once done, the iPhone user can download, install and use applications from other sources on the web.

Though, the process of jailbreaking scoops out plentiful of new opportunities for the iPhone user, but it raises a number of security and privacy issues. And, in circumstances where parents want to track their kids’ iPhone using cell phone spyware in order to make sure that they are not inviting any dangers, jailbreaking becomes a prime issue.

Most of the parents do not wish to try their hands on jailbreaking an iPhone because ultimately it is going to affect the device’s security. However, there is hardly any software in the market that can track an iPhone without jailbreaking but thanks to mSpy, Mobistealth, and Spyera which all have software created in order to solve this issue. Now one question arises in your mind that can you spy an iPhone without jailbreaking it ? The answer is yes you can.

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mSpy lets parents monitor their child’s iPhone usage. Just follow this simple process to get started:

1. Purchase and Download mSpy


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As a parent, you firstly need to buy mSpy from above link and get it downloaded to your own device. Unlike other cell phone spy softwares, mSpy needs no installation on target device; instead you just have to install it to your own computer system. at present, this software is compatible working with:

  • Android 4+ – Advanced features require device to be rooted.
  • iOS 6 to 8.4; 9.0.2 – Must Be Jailbroken. – Non-Jailbreak option works on any version of iCloud.
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OSX 10.7 o 10.9

2. Insert apple ID


Once downloaded and installed, your next step is to fill in the Apple ID of the target iPhone. You can track more than one iPhone by inserting different Apple IDs, one at a time which means if your kid is using more than one Apple device then you can monitor all the devices from a single software.

3. Monitor activities in real time


As soon as you enter the ID into the software, it will start monitoring the target iPhone and updates the info on your user panel. So anytime you can log in and watch your kid’s cell phone activities. simple, isn’t it!

Note:- If you want to spy WhatsApp on iPhone than you must read my article Can WhatsApp Be Spied Without Downloading Any Software? I would personally recommended mSpy for spying WhatsApp on iPhone or on any Android phone. Check out the mSpy Website here or read mSpy review here.

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Parents or simply users who wish to use mSpy but want to ensure first that this software is a right pick, can do so with the money back guaranty. It is a good opportunity for parents as they can spy on their kid’s cell phone with a feature rich software that delivers.

Click Here To Visit the mSpy Website

It is an easy and hassle free way to watch and protect your child while he is out of your reach. It is a complete package that ensure safety of your loved ones at an affordable cost!

How To Spy on iPhone Text Messages
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How To Spy on iPhone Text Messages
Spy on iPhone text messages of your kids, spouse or employees without jailbreaking your iPhone and read their text messages and find out what they up to.