Selling Lies: How Cell Phone Spy Software Traps You

cell phone spy trapping

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I would like to start here with a little question, “What are your expectations when you purchase a spy software?”Most of the readers would agree to the fact that they feel cheated after they purchase a spy software. Why? because none of them works the way they tell you; some say they offer advanced spy features and comes out to offer nothing more than a keylogger.

Well, the point here is, why companies do that? Of course there is so much fierce competition going out in the market, that, drawing customers with lies seems an ultimate choice to companies to survive and earn. But is that justified if we view the situation from the customers’ side. No way! service providers these days would just anything to pull in even a single customer. If you browse a few of the online spy websites, within minutes you will notice that every single business revolves its customers around those same fears- that of getting cheated or losing your child into some trouble!

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Most of the users at first are triggered with these fears and they end up purchasing a spy software that actually doesn’t spy. This is the reality and all your hard-earned bucks are gone into someone’s else’ pocket because you get trapped! Here I have came up with a list of important tell-tale signals that can better help you in avoiding such traps:

  • Nothing is Free, Everything comes at a price! And, if it is a Spy software then certainly you have to spare a few bucks out of your pocket. so if a website is selling you a Spy app for Free that means its all a scam. Never go for it!
  • Don’t opt for a spy app from spy store, because you may face some credibility and functionality issues using such apps. Online app stores cannot match the quality and performance that a software especially made for mobile phone can offer you.
  • They tell you, “ Install spy app remotely”! well that certainly not possible. If it is a spy software firm claiming that their software can be installed on the target phone, without touching it, then it is simply fake.
  • Everybody knows that in order to install a spy software on iPhones, jailbreaking the phone is a must. Now keep in mind, there are companies claiming that there is no requirement of jailbreaking because their spy software is so efficient. This may be true, but be watchful to make sure the features you need are included in the non-jailbreak version.  Software companies that offer this non-jailbreak option include mSpy, MobiStealth, and Spyera.

What to do?

In order to know whether a spy software is genuine enough, make sure it does not promises any unrealistic features. There are only a few cell phone spy softwares like mSpy that have earned a reputable postion in the market because of their efficiency and promising approach.