PhoneSheriff Review


2016 Update:  PhoneSheriff is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY. Have you been looking for a genuine review of PhoneSheriff Investigator, but nothing seems like covering up the things you’ve been searching for? It’s obvious for you as a soon-to-be-user to satisfy and clear your doubts before buying this […]

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An Easy Way To Root Your Android!

superuser icon

Rooting your android definitely sounds more of a nerd’s job, may sound arduous and complex, but turns out more of a cakewalk, if steps are followed properly. The details might confuse you if not looked in properly, but when one has to do it there’s no looking back then!

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StealthGenie Review From Real User


Update 2016:  StealthGenie is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2016 Pick Stop looking for a genuine StealthGenie review from authors who haven’t even tried the software! Here’s a tried and tested review from somebody who has actually used this spy software. It’s so indisputable, […]

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A Complete Guide To Cell Phone Spy Software!

cell phone spy software guide

Good and trustworthy information about cell phone spy software is scanty and one often doesn’t come across some useful information for the same. A complete guide to cell phone spy software can really help you save some bucks and most importantly time! So this guide is going to help you to learn more about the […]

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Tried And Tested RioSPY Review!


Update 2018:  RioSPY is no longer in business.  Read the mSpy Review From a Real User to See Our Top 2018 Pick A new cell phone spy app has taken over the world of spy apps – RioSPY it is! It has completely changed the way one used to use these softwares earlier. This review […]

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What Is A Cell Phone Spy Software? What Does It Do?

what a spy software can do

The definition clears it out very well, a cell phone spy software is a program that lets you spy on the activities of the cell phone in some or the other way. There are many different names of it, such as cell phone spy app, cell phone spyware, cell phone monitoring software and so on!

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How To Jailbreak Your iPhone – A Simple Guide

How To Jailbreak iphone

This is a very simple guide to explain how one can Jailbreak an iPhone easily. One doesn’t need to be hi-tech or too much tech savvy, as this process needs very minimal technical knowledge. While Jailbreaking may look quite difficult, especially to those who don’t trifle with their iPhones much. But de facto, it is […]

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How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

How cell phone spy software works

In this page you will be given a quick overview about how cell phone spy software works! This is very much important for you as a user to understand how it works and know the process behind this technology. At the end of this page, you will have much more clear understanding about the software, […]

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Is Cell Phone Spy Software Legal to Use?

cell phone spy software legal

A cell phone spy software really brings up a lot of questions among one’s mind – is it legal or not? Well it is indeed legal – only if used properly. For instance, companies who design this software are legally authorized to sell the software, the problem doesn’t lies in the software, but how one […]

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