Mobile Spy Review – The Old Reliable Spy Software


2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

Mobile Spy Review – The Old Reliable Spy Software
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There’s an old saying, “Old is gold” , and it certainly is! That’s why today we’re going to talk about the old and trust cell spy software, Mobile Spy. Again, this is a tried and tested reviews, which will incorporate every elements of our experience w.r.t Mobile Spy.

Check out some facts about Mobile Spy:

Mobile spy is the oldest cell phone monitoring software, launched in 2003, and they’ve managed to maintain their reputation unlike a few of softwares which change their names (like a billion of times!) just to stay clear from the bad reputation they garnered from their previous brand name. Mobile spy is an American company (this isn’t something you ought to know though!) and it isn’t easy to run a fraud being in America (laws and actions are way too strict – nobody would want to mess!)

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

Lets take a look at mSpy website HERE. – See how nicely the website has been laid out, navigation is super easy, moreover the software has been reviewed by reputable companies, and when big companies vouch for you, it would be preposterous to think that the software is fake.

This is what is called prominence and reliability, something you should look out for while buying anything; especially a cell phone spy software. Mobile Spy is without a doubt the best and trusted cell phone monitoring software available throughout. Lets dig in more and know what it can do.


Mobile Spy supports a wide range of cell phones and the OS, it keeps on updating the software as and when a new version of any OS takes place. Moreover they work on Android tablets and iPad. It can be used for Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian cell phones.

  • Android cell phones up to version 4.2.2
  • iPhone OS up to 7.1.2
  • BlackBerry operating system up to 7.1
  • Windows Mobile version 6.
  • Symbian up to version 9.5


Before you purchase the software for any cell phone, make sure you check the website for the compatible phones.

Mobile Spy Features

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

Almost all cell phone monitoring softwares cover up the basic monitoring and reporting features such as call logs, email and GPS tracking, sms logs, web browser history and media list. These all are the usual and important things you would require. But Mobile Spy is a bit different, they have different package with the corresponding features priced affordably. They have two packages, i.e. Standard package and Live control panel. The standard package has couple of advanced features which will cost more than the other programs.

The most expensive and advanced package with Live control panel is for 12 months contract, priced at $139.97. This package is still affordable as compared to any other app of a similar potential.

Why Put Advanced Features In Standard Package?

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

Apart from the basic monitoring features in standard package, you also get bonus! Yeah, you get advanced features such as:


  • Social Networking Sites And Messenger Monitoring: You can see exactly what is happening on their Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, GTalk etc. This is definitely a bounty hit because you get to use these features without paying for them! If compared with the rest of the softwares, Mobile Spy indeed supports a wide list of chat messengers and social networking sites.
  • YouTube: With this features you can see all the videos which have been watched on YouTube.
  • BBM Pin messages: This is pretty good for all those who wish to monitor a BlackBerry cell phone, and without any hassle they get to spy BBM pin messages as well.
  • Gmail Monitoring: You can monitor all gmail accounts, the email content with the time stamps.
  • Notifications: You can set up notifications and alerts for particular phone numbers and words. So whenever any of these phone numbers or the words trigger, you will get notified.
  • Applications & Blocking: This feature lets you view the list of all applications that have been downloaded in the cell phone. Similarly it lets you to remotely block these apps (you don’t have to go through the phone settings!) .You can control these activities from the control panel, and it is a part of standard package.
  • Remote Control: From the control panel, you can easily control and perform various actions remotely. Few of these actions include locking/unlocking the monitored phone, wiping the data, get SIM card notification and even get the spy software removed from the cell phone.
  • Dashboard: After logging in to the website, you enter dashboard where you get to see all the information of the monitored cell phone, including its configuration settings. In the dashboard only you can switch between the various monitored phones that you monitor through your account, and when you do so, you can easily access the information about these monitored devices.

All these mentioned features are a part of the standard package. Let’s see what the other package has to offer.

Live Control Panel

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

The live control panel is an additional package that offers a few extra features; something that you don’t necessarily need. But go through them in case you think they might be of help to you.

  • Record Phone surroundings: Use the phone’s mic as a bugging device and get started with the recording the surroundings.
  • Screenshots: You can take the screenshots of the target cell phone’s screen in order to see what they’re doing right now. The screenshots can be taken at the interval of 90 seconds, i.e. 1min and 30 seconds.
  • Camera: You can use the monitored cell phone’s camera without their knowledge – umm this feature is similar to the record phone surroundings, as you can take images from the monitored device without the user having any idea.
  • Email logs: This feature lets you to redirect some or all the email logs and details from your online dashboard to your email account. This way you can easily read all the emails from your own email account.


Live Demo

Apart from these features you can enjoy the online demo before purchasing the software. The online demo features lets you view and experience how the dashboard works and how you will be able to use your very own dashboard.

The interesting thing about Mobile Spy is that with one account you can monitor multiple devices, of course you have to pay for the multiple licenses. This is great for parents and employees who want to monitor more than one person at a time.

Should You Buy Mobile Spy?

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

Anything you buy has a reason behind it, similarly when you buy a software, something intrigues you about it. That’s right – Your needs and requirements matter the most. Mobile spy has been designed with a strong backbone, and being a reliable strong software it offers a great value for money! The website’s design is a bit outdated, but that doesn’t really hides the incredible features of the software.

Mobile spy is best affordable cell phone spy software when compared to mSpy, but when you compare feature wise, mSpy is still ahead because it has added features that do add a lot to your monitoring requirements. This all makes mSpy the first choice for a lot of people.

Final Verdict!

But the main reason why people still prefer to buy Mobile Spy is the reliability and dependability. This is the major reason why it’s the trusted old spy software in the market. If you can manage without a few features but still want a perfect and reliable software, then try Mobile Spy.

2016 Update:  Mobile Spy is no longer recommended.   Our best picks for 2016 are mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY.

View all features by visiting mSpy Website Here

That’s all about Mobile Spy Review, if you have any doubts please feel free to comment below and we’ll surely reply back. Thanks!