Is There Spy Software on My Cell Phone – How to Detect if You are Being Monitored

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Do you think someone is spying your cellphone? Is your cell phone behind somewhat odd from last few days? Well, this can happen as you never know when anyone from your folks start monitoring your cell phone. So you need to keep a check on your cell phone if it has been tracked  or not. However, doing so does not need any technical expertise, as your keen observance and open mindedness would work well.

Most of the phone users are not aware or simply ignore about being tracked by someone. This is because they take it very lightly as they are not aware of the consequences. A spy software is proficient enough to revels all your day to day cell phone activities including text messages, phone calls, contacts, chatting app info etc. More than that, it can tell the other person about your current location by tracking your GPS.find cell spy software on your phone

Therefore, it is of utmost important to know if you are a victim of spy or not. And, to ensure that, you first step should be to have a basic understanding of a few spy softwares such as mSpy, Mobistealth and  FlexiSPY – about their working, installation and usage, etc. Once you are clear with all this, you can now start looking for some abnormal signs in your cell phone,  which might indicate presence of a spy app in your phone.

Is your battery running fast?

As a spy software works secretly in the background of the phone, it consumes a lot of battery because it is always up. So if you feel that your phone is running short of battery every time and there is nothing wrong with the hardware of the phone, then this could be a strong indication that something is fishy.

Strange Sounds

As spy programs can listen and record live phone calls, then if your phone is being detect cell spy softwaretracked by someone, you might experience some strange noises while talking over the phone. However, this might also happen as a result of bad signals. So you need to catch it right!

Improper Working

At times, Spy softwares automatically restart or shutdown the phone, which looks like someone else is controlling your phone, which is actually true. if it happening with your phone quite frequently, then chances are that you are being monitored.

Anonymous messages

Receiving odd text messages on your cell phone comprising numbers or meaningless characters can be a strong indication. These types of messages are used by spy programs to execute certain commands on the target device.

Is your data plan usage increased?

The internet data plan on your phone is finishing up in a short interval of time while your browsing habits are much the same then spy software might be the here. Spy apps transfer online data from your phone to the other user’s account, which might be responsible for loss of your data units.

Check your cell phone Files

Exploring your phone’s Settings section you can look through the programs or the running applications and see if you find any suspicious files. However, you should not delete any files unless you are completely sure, as might affect your phone’s functioning.

What to do?

Considering all the above factors, if you conclude that someone is actually spying on you then it is important to take measures to protect your privacy. Have a look at my article How To Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone. and learn the steps to stop someone from tracking your cell phone.