Is Cell Phone Spy Software Legal to Use?

cell phone spy software legal

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A cell phone spy software really brings up a lot of questions among one’s mind – is it legal or not? Well it is indeed legal – only if used properly.

For instance, companies who design this software are legally authorized to sell the software, the problem doesn’t lies in the software, but how one plans to use it. Disclaimers on the other hand shield the companies, because they warn them not to break the laws!

Internet is Full Of Disclaimers!

Every company who sells cell phone spy software and apps have a disclaimer shown at the bottom of their website. It’s wise to have a disclaimer, because they can’t afford to get mixed up in a lawsuit. Sometimes the disclaimer is placed in places not clearly visible; but it will always be placed on the website. Sometimes they make you read all terms and conditions and check the box to make sure that you have understood the legal agreement.

These disclaimers somehow make it possible for the companies to sell their stuff, at the same time they can cut some slack. After all they know there are many people who will still be using the software and break the lay, so company is never responsible!

Check Out The Law Where You Live!

The laws differ from country to country and regions! The only thing to consider is what laws you should be checking in your legislation regarding privacy.

Privacy is utmost important, therefore privacy laws help to protect the privacy of individuals, on the contrary the government may work on rules, where they might not even consider somebody’s privacy. The real laws are always different, but you should consider the basics, which are majorly covered in the disclaimers these spy apps present.

You should be legal owner or have authority on the target cell phone which you want to monitor.

You must inform the intended person that their cell phone may get monitored (for e.g your employee)

Ways To Legally Use Cell Phone Spy Software

You are legal to use the cell phone spy software if you, for e.g. own it, or have paid for it! You should be an adult to use the cell spy software. In nutshell, you can use the spy program legally as follows:

  • You Can Monitor Your Employees – this is only possible if you provide your employees with cell phones.

  • You can Monitor Your Kids – because you are their parents, you can do it freely!

These are the only ways you can legally use cell spy software, other than these you can’t simply put it in somebody’s cell phone and assume you have not broken any law. While some will surely take the risk and get away with it. Another thing one must know is that even if you get enough evidences after monitoring, you can’t use them for legal purposes, simply because you can’t!

By now you must have understood how popular the cell phone spy software have become despite being a new technology and field. People without a doubt are taking risk and are using these to the full extent.