Installing Cell Phone Monitoring Software – Step By Step

Installing cell phone spy software

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So you are about to purchase your preferred cell phone spy software, in order to track down your target and uncover the truth. Well, as now you are ready for the mission, your first step must be the installation of the software on the target device. And this is where you need to be extra careful, as a small mistake can put you at risk.

If you are installing the spy software for the first time, then don’t ever rush to get it done. Give yourself some time and note down the various factors you need to keep in mind before and after the installation is complete. In this article, you will find complete explanation for installing spy software, step by step, so that the output is success.

Basic Principles for Spy Program Installation

Every spy software differs slightly in its installation process, but you need not to worry much. Why? Because the basic installation mantras are same! At times, the steps vary slightly in their order, so you need to follow them according to the format mentioned on the instruction guide.

Plan out wisely!

The software you wish to purchase should be compatible with the device on which you are going to install it. Many users make simple mistakes like buying iPhone spy software for an Android phone, which is obvious that both will not work.

If your target is an Android phone, then you need to Root it, before installing the spyware onto it. And when it is an iPhone, make sure that it has a Jailbreak. To know more about rooting and jailbreaking, you can visit official websites of popular spy softwares including




Time To Install!

  • Now, as you are ready with all the information of your selected spy software, then follow these steps:
  • Visit the official website of the software and register yourself with a valid email address.
  • A few websites might ask you for email address somewhere later, as it is for the online dashboard they provide you.
  • Make your purchase by clicking the ‘Buy’ button and once the transaction is complete, you will see a download link.
  • Click the link and it will start downloading the software and once it is complete, it will ask for an activation code.
  • This code is generally sent on the email address you have registered with. So you can find it there and fill it into the target device.
  • As soon as you enter the code, the software will be activated and you are done.
  • However, most of the spy softwares will ask you to restart the phone, and it is better to do that.
  • One important thing is to delete or clear the web browsing history from the target phone’s browser, so that the other person never finds out.

Adjust the Settings!

Some spy programs offer configuration of the settings on the online dashboard, where you can set reporting intervals and notifications. However, some will ask you about these during the installation process.


Now your software installation is complete and you can begin monitoring your target. In some cases, tracking and reporting generally starts around 30 minutes after the installation. Also check How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Works.

How to check reports on online dashboard?

All the dashboards generally work in a similar manner, though they might differ in options. To log into your dashboard, enter your username and password generated at the time of registration. For example, if you are using FlexiSPY, then its online portal is called “FlexiSPY” as shown in the picture below.


On this reporting portal, you will find everything you need to monitor- GPS tracking details of the target device, text messages, call logs, contact list, and other media present in the device. Some websites also offer demo version of their online portals, so you can use it to check functionality of all screen options.

Now, you must have a general idea of the overall installation procedure of a spy software. Always follow the program instructions exactly, so as to get complete success.