How To Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone

remove cell phone spy software

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If you have a gut feeling that someone’s snooping around you, like always following you, then it is time to give a check to your cell phone. Why? Because your cell phone is probably the thing that accompanies you everywhere- inside home, at workplace, into the market and even inside the washroom. So the chances are that somebody might have installed a cell phone spy software into your phone and might be keeping watch on your each and every activity.

So, initially you need to find out if there is any cell phone spy software on your phone. Once you know something is wrong with your device, you need to remove the spy app and stop the monitoring done by someone on you.

However finding and deleting the culprit files yourself might not be a good idea as it can result in removal of useful files which you didn’t know about. Also, spy software work in hidden mode, so you may not be able to detect them. So, removing the wrong files can affect the functioning of your phone.

There are several ways to accomplish your mission of uninstalling a spy program from your phone. So here are a few easy ones for you:

Factory Reset

It is an easy way which can be done on  all types of smartphones including BlackBerry, iPhones, Android phones, etc. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, then you can ask the help of a local mobile dealer who might do the job for free.remove cell phone spy software

An important point before resetting your phone is to take backup of your cell phone data. This is because once reset command is executed, your phone will return to the position as it was when you purchased it, means all your data will be removed, including media files, contacts, music, programs and spy app as well.

So, once you have the backup, you can reset your phone without any worry. If you wish to do it yourself, then here are a few guidelines for depending upon which phone you are using. Following the rest process, all the traces of spy software will be wiped from your phone.

Update Your Phone

As spy softwares are specific in working with different Operating systems, therefore changing your phone’s operating system can stop the working of the spy program. However, this trick will not remove the spy app, but will stop its functioning. Moreover, updating the phone OS will clear the rooting (Android) and jailbreaking (iPhone).update your phone

Once the spy software is removed successfully, you should take some measures to enhance the security level of your phone so that even if someone fetches your phone, they should not be able to access it. Only effective security is the way to protect your phone from such spy dangers in future.

Here are three easy yet effective ways to protect your cell phone:

  1. Use in-built password feature– Almost all phones have their own internal password feature. So you can enable the password and set a personal code which is known to you only.
  2. Use a Phone Password App– To lock your phone automatically and manage different passwords, you can use any of the available online password apps.
  3. Use Security App– moreover, there are several online security apps that can help in keeping your phone protected from spy softwares.

Your phone is an important asset and you should be aware if someone is trying to get into your phone to harm you. Stay alert always!

How To Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone
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How To Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone
If you think that there is cell phone spy software on your cell phone than this guide is for you to remove spy software from your phone and protect yourself.