How To Jailbreak Your iPhone – A Simple Guide

How To Jailbreak iphone

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone – A Simple Guide
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This is a very simple guide to explain how one can Jailbreak an iPhone easily. One doesn’t need to be hi-tech or too much tech savvy, as this process needs very minimal technical knowledge. While Jailbreaking may look quite difficult, especially to those who don’t trifle with their iPhones much. But de facto, it is extremely easy and almost anyone can perform it. Go through this guide to understand how to jailbreak your iPhone!

Note: It is must to perform Jailbreaking on an iPhone, if you want to install any cell phone spy app on it.

Even if it is your first time Jailbreaking an iPhone, you will be imparted with precise information which is needed about Jailbreaking. This post will cover almost all basic points and details, and in case you have some knowledge prior to this article, you might as well jump to the main point!

Take Backup Of Your Phone

Before you get started with the Jailbreaking process, remember you need to take a complete backup of your phone. A Backup is needed, so that if something goes wrong during the Jailbreaking process, then you won’t end up loosing any of your data. You might as well try taking backup of your data through iTunes. This is a necessary part to accomplish before moving on to Jailbreak process.

When you are done with the backup, put off the lock password of the iPhone (in case you have been using it). Since your iPhone would be connected with the PC, make sure that you don’t use the PC or iPhone for anything else other than the Jailbreaking.

Download The Right Jailbreak

The next important step in this process is, downloading the correct Jailbreak program or app to your PC. Its very important to consider the Jailbreak version as per your iOS version. This is because there are many versions of iOS (iPhone Operating System), and you have to get the Jailbreak app which is made for the respective version.

Other than this, its obvious that one must know the iPhone Operating system version of the particular iPhone. If you don’t know the version yet, then follow these simple steps to find out the iOS version:

  • Go to Home Screen and hit the Settings icon.
  • Select “General”, followed by “About”.
  • Scroll down, and you will be able to view the details and version of the iOS running on the specific phone.
  • The iOS version will be something like this : 8.x or 9.x

Once you have found out the iOS version of the host iPhone, all you need to do is find out the right Jailbreak download to proceed with the process. You can find out the Jailbreak downloads from the following 2 websites:


Select your iOS version, and you will be directed to the downloads. Simply download the Jailbreak app to your system and then follow the instructions accordingly. You might see the downloaded files in form of Zip File. These zip files are nothing but compressed files which are provided on internet so that the downloading could be made easier. To unzip these files you can use a software such as WinZip.

Run The Jailbreak App

Once you have got the right Jailbreak App, you can run it. But before you start the app, close every other application and programs that are running on your system. Close all programs running on the system and then click on the .exe file of Jailbreak app. Similarly close all other apps running on the iPhone, and connect it with the system via usb cable.

cydia app

Click open the “Jailbreak” app and let it run. The app will take a couple of minutes to complete the process. Then you will be asked to open up the icon of Jailbreak that will appear on iPhone’s home screen, when you click on this icon, the Jailbreak process will be completed successfully. Cydia App, is what you need to look forward for, clicking it will instigate its updation immediately. With the installation of Cydia App, the Jailbreak process has been performed and completed!

Jailbreaking an iPhone is no more a difficult job as long as you follow the steps properly. Just take the phone’s backup, get the right Jailbreak App, and you’re good to go!

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