Highster Mobile Review

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Highster Mobile can be considered one the low cost alternatives in the spying software business.  They offer a one-time payment for the app, however, be aware that you get what you pay for!  After review and research with this product, we found in their Terms of Services a clause that gives them legal ownership of the contacts on your device and allows them to do with them as they see fit... We do not believe this is a good business practice and advise that this company should be avoided going forward.  With that being said, we are a review site and will continue to provide the review of features and service below.

Highster Mobile might be for you if you are ready to sacrifice some dependability, performance,  and overall support. The service appears on the surface to be comparable to others, but as we dig in closer,  you do not get the live monitoring, tracking and control options that normal monthly subscription based services offer. We also have to report that in most tests, a large number of advertised features were buggy.  We experienced everything for logs with missing data, to no logging at all.  As a matter of fact many functions just did not work. In addition, do not expect technical support or full compatibility with all devices.  We found the tech support and response to inquiries very poor.

Highster Mobile Compatibility

The Highster Mobile Spy software is compatible with the two major platforms,  Android and iOS.  Be sure to check the operating system version on the Smartphones and Tablets that you wish to monitor. The operating system of the target’s device should be compatible with the spy software’s version.  The Highster Mobile website has a clear listing of features that are offered within the software.  There is a limited function, non jail break mode available for iPhone useres as well.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – All versions of Android OS
  • iDevices [iPhone and iPad] up to iOS 9.1

For more Highster Mobile compatibility information you can  go to the official website, where features and specific phone models are mentioned.  If you are unable to find your specific model, you can try dropping a line to customer service and you might get a response back.

Always make sure your target device is upgraded with the latest OS version.  This is advisable as the spy software may automatically be deleted from your device when an upgrade to the latest device OS takes place.

When using Android devices the basic features will work without Rooting the device but  it’s advisable to Root your Android device to access the complete package of features available within the software.  In other words, not Rooting your device will limit the amount of features that you are able to use.

How To Install Highster Mobile

Installation of Highster Mobile is fairly straight forward. There are several options available to link to and download the software to the target phone:

1.  OTR (Over The Air) - What they are really referring to here, is purchasing the app while connected to mobile data or WiFi.  Nothing special here.

2. Scan the QR code  using a barcode scanner app that you may have already installed on your smartphone.

3. USB cable will allow you to transfer the files from your desktop to the mobile phone for installation.

4. BlueTooth Transfer - Allows you to transfer files from desktop to target phone.

How Does Highster Mobile Spy Work ?


After purchasing the software, you will receive an email that contains a – download link, username, password and a license key.  When you have completed the installation procedure on to your target user’s cell phone, You now have the ability to view the available spy logs by logging into the Highster Mobile website with the provided credentials.

From any web enabled device, enter the username and password.  This may be from a desktop, tablet or laptop.  You will now have access to your account’s control panel where you can view all of the available captured logs and data. Note that this data and information is uploaded to the Highster Mobile spy server and even deleted messages, mails and other content can be viewed by you at anytime if you have access to a good internet connection.

Click here to see how it works

Why Do You Want Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Software ?

Highster Mobile App is a low cost cell phone spy application.  After mentioning some of the negative aspects of utilizing a one-time fee monitoring application and then using it ourselves, we did have some good things to reflect on. There are many that cannot afford the extra dollars and still want to have the ability to know what their kids are doing online and with their phones. This is where Highster Mobile offers many of the important features at a low cost, bringing you lots of value for your buck, and should work well enough for your needs. They offer a 10-Day refund policy, and we firmly advise you to look at a few of our other top rated options before you consider buying.

Highster Mobile App Purchase
1 Time Fee $69.99 – No Extra Costs – No Monthly Fees

  • Review text messages, phone call logs, emails, instant messaging conversations, media pictures, GPS locations and more
  • A one time payment is all that's needed to get some fairly useful features
  • The application remains hidden once installed on the target users mobile phone
  • Installation takes about 2-3 minutes and is fairly straight forward and simple
  • E-mail customer support is available

OK, so we've gone through some of the good and the bad about Highster Mobile, but keep reading and we can review some of the discrete features that can be useful for monitoring your children or employees at a fairly low cost.  

Highster Mobile Spy App Features

Highster Mobile offers numerous features that can be very useful for Employee Monitoring or Child Monitoring.  Lets review the specifications list item by item so you have a complete listing of the features offered by this spy software.

1. Review Instant Messenger [IM] Chats – review all plain text messages and conversations conducted on social media and on instant messenger chats. This includes WhatsApp messages, Viber, Skype, BBM, Facebook messenger spy, Twitter, and more.  You can read the entire chat thread and look at shared media such as photos/images  all from the convenience of the Highster Mobile online control panel account.

2. See all Text Conversations – Using Text Messages is very popular mode of communicating.  You are now able to review over these important messages. Highster Mobile lets you check over read, unread and even deleted messages and also provides the date and time logging.

3. Control Panel – Highster Mobile provides users with an easy to use control panel on their website. It allows you to set the time triggers, adjust the display options and view all the mobile actions that are recorded within the functionality of the software.

4. See Their Phone call logs – Monitor all of their phone calls incoming and outgoing. Know who are they talking with the most, when and for how long (call duration logging and datetime stamp). The details will be uploaded to the Highster Mobile Server and available in the control panel dashboard.

5. Look into the Browser History – You can now view what they were browsing through on their smartphones. See the web history of the content they were perusing and visit the same links if you need to. Saved bookmarks and other URLs should be checked to ensure that your children isn't viewing any bad content in place of the work you thought they were using the computer and internet for.

6. Locate them with GPS – Using the GPS Location Tracking feature, you can know the location of the target user phone. You can easily find the location history by using the maps in the control panel of the website. You may need this in the case where you suspect your loved ones are putting themselves in bad locations that can only lead to trouble.

7. Look Into Their Emails – Monitor sent and received emails.  You can also review deleted e-mails because they are uploaded to the Highster Mobile server before the target user can delete it from their smartphone.

8. View Their Photos – Media content can be easily viewed just by logging into the Highster Mobile control panel dashboard. The pictures/images/selfies along with the date and time taken is uploaded to the spy server and  can be checked by you as long as you have access to an internet connection.

9. Know What's in the Phonebook Contacts – You can now know what is in the contacts saved on the smartphone. You also get the additional fields such as birth dates, house address, notes, and more.

10. Lock/Unlock the Target Phone – If you need to  lock or unlock applications on the target smartphone, then this feature will be useful to help maintain some discipline for your children or employees. You can easily block the applications that you find  in bad taste or objectionable to help protect your kids from getting into the wrong type of content.

11. Remotely Uninstall the App – Remote installation would have been nice, but the next best thing is the ability to remotely uninstall the app.  When the time comes,  you can remove the spy software from your target’s cell phone that without having the device in your possession.  This makes the process of removal without a trace, very easy.

Click here to view all features of highster mobile

Highster Mobile Spy Pricing

Highster Mobile has a one price for one package setup.  There is no subscription service, so the one time charge includes all future upgrades, etc. They do offer a service that allows you to download the software again if you lose your original download (Extended Download Warranty), and the ability to get help for the initial setup (Premium Support Package).  Hey wait a minute, shouldn't those both be part of the base package!  Why should you pay extra to be able to download the software again if you lose your copy, or need help on the installation!

● Highster Mobile Pro Edition with lifetime access is available at just – $69.99

● Highster Mobile Extended Download Warranty – $29.99

● Highster Mobile Premium Support Package – $29.99

You can visit the Highster Mobile website here


We honestly cannot recommend this software. As much as I would like to tell you this is great software and make the sale for them, there are too many reasons for me not to advise someone to buy this product. Let's begin with the fact that their servers don't seem to be up and running all the time, and the app has a high rate of crashing. I had constant issues with only some of the messages or data being recorded and uploaded from the target phone. Some features on the Android test phone just outright never worked. In addition the high negative customer feedback that Highster Mobile has attracted is the nail in the coffin as far as we are concerned. Unhappy customers and bad reviews across multiple websites are never a good thing! If you feel that this software is for you, feel free to visit their site below. These reviews are meant to provide information only. In the end, you are the final decision maker for what's best for you.

If you are still not sure then you probably need to look at some of the old standard bearers in the cell phone spy software business.  You can read about mSpy, Mobistealth, and FlexiSPY to see if they may be the ones for you!