A Complete Guide To Cell Phone Spy Software!

cell phone spy software guide

A Complete Guide To Cell Phone Spy Software!
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Good and trustworthy information about cell phone spy software is scanty and one often doesn’t come across some useful information for the same. A complete guide to cell phone spy software can really help you save some bucks and most importantly time! So this guide is going to help you to learn more about the software and get some advice as well. Whether you are looking for specific information or want to know more about various cell phone spy apps, then this guide will help you through out!

How to Use This Guide

If you’re totally new to the concept of spying cell phones, then you should read from the beginning and grasp every single thing. But if you’re already aware about it you may want to skip and scan the specific topics.

Is Spy Software Free From Problems?

A cell phone spy software might give off vibes of being too techy and you might feel that it’s too much to understand. Well indeed it takes a bit of time to understand the software; how does it function? What kinds of cell phones are compatible with it? What information you can monitor using this app? There are so many questions that strike one’s mind, and to make things more complex there are terms such as Android Rooting and Jailbreaking an iPhone which confuses people all the way more.

Another major problem which doesn’t seem huge to users is – Getting Right Product! It’s quite obvious if one doesn’t get the right product, the battle is already lost. So its very important to find a reliable product. Sadly this market has already been flooded with perfidious companies who have tricked people into believing that their spy softwares are best. A novice person will definitely get tricked and the company will take your money!

The problem doesn’t end here, another bobbling problem is that people don’t really know how to use this software. This is because there are no guides or articles regarding the same – except for the information from the companies who sell them.

A cell phone monitoring software is actually a software – it obviously has problems (technical one’s) with the installation and working. So these problems could be only solved, if and only if someone has actually used the software.

The Legal Wringer!

Its actually legal to sell and use cell phone spy software, but of course there are certain terms and conditions one must keep in mind:

1. You must have authority over the target cell phone which you want to monitor, or you must own it.

2. You must be above 18 yrs of age; or check your state and federal laws.

3. You must also inform the target person that their cell phone “maybe” monitored.

Normally it’s against the laws of most of the countries to spy on somebody’s cell phone, since it breaches the privacy. But to keep it to the law-fullness, you can use the software in two ways:

  • If you are an employer, then you can monitor the cellphones of your employees. Simply state to them that the company owned cell phones ‘may be’ monitored.
  • If you are a parent, you can monitor the cell phone of your child – you don’t really have to inform them since you are their legal guardian!
  • Cell phone spying other than these reasons might lead you to some pretty serious issues because then you will be violating the rules.

What Is A Cell Phone Spy Software? What Does It Do?

A cell phone spy app is nothing more than a simple software, which needs to be installed in the host cell phone (the one that you want to monitor). The app monitors the activities of the cell phone which take place in it. Cell phone monitoring has taken on to different path and is huge now!

Every cell phone spy app has different features, some of them are pretty much same! Give or take, they just differ from each other in prices and plans! Some of the basic features they offer are web browsing history, GPS location, sms and email logs, contacts. The basic features are cheap and affordable.

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While on the other hand, there are advanced features for people who want just more than the basic information. These advanced features include call recording, monitoring the chats of various instant messaging apps such as Facebook, viber and skype etc. The top competitors constantly keep on upgrading to give better features and maintain their status.

For more details check out – What Can Spy Software Do?

Will Monitoring Software Work On My Smartphone?

On an average, 80% of the people who use a cell spy software are confused about what kinds of cell phone the software supports. Forget about any other requirement, remember two things as follows:

1. Jailbreak The iPhone – If you want to install any spy software in an iPhone, you’ve got to jailbreak it. No third party application can be installed in an iPhone/iPad without a jailbreak, simply because it can’t be done! For more information see What is Jailbreaking and How to Jailbreak an iPhone.

2. Root The Android – It is not really necessary to root an android before installing a spy software in it, but for some features it’s recommended to root it. Rooting the android phone will help the spy app work properly. Read more about Rooting an Android here.

What Else Is Essential?

Smartphones! Yes, a cell phone spying application will only work on a smartphone, which means a phone with an active data connection, or source of network in some way. Don’t expect it to monitor your old age cell phone. Whichever phone you wish to monitor, make sure it has access to internet. Secondly, make sure the phone which you intend to monitor should be supported by the software you are planning to buy. Thirdly the operating system of the target cell phone should also be supported by the software. The spy software works all over the world and with all network providers.

How Does It Actually Work?

cell phone spy working

The process of cell phone spyware is very simple :

  • Install the spyware on the target cell phone.
  • Monitored information gets punched in and sent over to spying company’s server.
  • This crucial information gets served in the control panel which only you can access after logging in to the account.

Remote Installation? Nah..You Can’t!

A lot of people’s concern is whether the spying software can be installed remotely. Well the answer is no! The reason behind this concern is because people are confused with the lame claims of some companies who say that the software can be installed remotely.

The only possible way to get information from a target cell phone is after you plant a cell phone spying software in it *wink* . For that you have to access to the target cell phone, and it’s quite obvious that the phone would be password protected, so you have to get past that as well.

You can read this article to find out more details.

How To Buy Best Spy Software?

The only way to find out the best spy software for you is to find out what exactly your needs are! Until and unless you understand what your monitoring needs are and how particularly you want them done, you won’t be able to settle down on an app! Go through the following checklist to help you find the best spy software for yourself:

The app should include the monitoring features – which you need!

It should support the cell phone which you want to monitor (both device and operating system).

Most importantly it should suit your budget.

Suggested Spy Apps!

In no particular order, these are the best cell phone spy apps – tried and tested! Of course there are others as well, but these are what we suggest:



Mobile Spy

How To Install Spy App On The Cell Phone?

Installation process is really very important to understand, because you may face some problems if you don’t get this party right.

  • Buy the software you want.
  • Download the software in the target cell phone from the link sent to you in the email.
  • Check the settings and options.
  • Login to the control panel and view the information.

This is the basic way to install a spyware on the cell phone, anyhow you should still read the directions provided by the company!

Possible Issues With Spy Software!

Being a technical product, cell phone monitoring software may pose some issues, and no doubt people face problems. If you end up with a low quality software you are never going to get it sorted. Whilst you choose the best spy program, you may still get some problems but they will be properly handled. You need to know what reasons might trigger issues with the spy program:

  • Buying Wrong Product – You will definitely face issues if you purchase a wrong product, a wrong package, don’t forget an incompatible software and cell phone issue!
  • Bad Internet Connection – If the host phone (target phone) doesn’t have an internet connection or has a bad connection, then the reporting will not be that fast and synchronized, hence one may face problems timely reporting.
  • Faulty Installation – If the installation process gets interrupted or hang up due to some reason, then also the app won’t work properly.

Help And Support!

Like any software, if you face problems with spy program as well then you can easily get help and support from the software company. They all have dedicated tech support teams, and some reply really quickly, while some are too sluggish. In order to get better support, you should make sure that if you’re contacting them via phone/email/live chat be insistent, also make sure that there are support centers which are in different time zones. Ask them clearly and point to point questions, don’t just whine.

This guide will be always updated in future, so that’s it for now. Hopefully a lot has been cleared with this guide.