What Is A Cell Phone Spy Software? What Does It Do?

what a spy software can do

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The definition clears it out very well, a cell phone spy software is a program that lets you spy on the activities of the cell phone in some or the other way. There are many different names of it, such as cell phone spy app, cell phone spyware, cell phone monitoring software and so on!

Sometimes the name doesn’t make it clear enough for people to fully understand the purpose of the software, though many have heard of it. But it’s shocking to learn that a cell spy software can actually reveal almost all activities of the monitored cell phone. So you get the whole concept now. Another surprising fact is that some may consider it illegal, but the software itself is legal and can be easily sold. You can read more here about Is cell phone spy software legal?

Hold your horses right there! You don’t have to feel bad that you’re about to ‘spy’ somebody, clearly when the app is about monitoring. Though earlier, the ‘spying’ theme caught up on fire, thanks to the lame advertising of some companies! Whereas now the companies have totally revamped the scene and the software is clearly for monitoring purposes, such as monitoring your child or employee. So it’s more of a monitoring application that lets you get an insider’s information about the monitored cell phone.

What Does A Cell Phone Spy Software Do?

This cell phone monitoring application is specifically made to monitor the smartphones – phones which have internet facility! Don’t expect it to do wonders on an old age cell phone that has no internet on it. So you can take a deep breath and relax if you have an old phone, because that can’t be monitored!

Some of the spy programs are made for smartphones, while some even work on tablets and pads. So you’ve got to confirm and make sure that your target device is compatible with the spy program you’re deciding to buy. This might become an issue if you don’t check it prior buying the software because you will end up paying for an app that won’t yield you any result. But don’t worry, checking compatibility isn’t much of a task itself.

The Basic Features Any Spy Program Will Offer Are As Follows :

  • Text Messages Monitoring – You can read the content of all the messages sent as well as received from the monitored cell phone. You can check out the date and time stamps also.

  • GPS Tracking – You can easily keep an eye on every move of the monitored cell phone with the help of GPS tracking. It will help you to know in real time where exactly they are.

  • Call Logs – With this feature you can view the call log details of the monitored cell phone. You can see date and timestamp, duration of calls, caller/receiver’s details etc.

  • Web browsing history – This lets you view which websites have been, and are regularly visited by the monitored cell phone’s browser. You get a list of all the websites visited by the target cell phone.

  • Email Monitoring – Most of the programs offer email monitoring as the basic feature, which implies you can easily view and read the content of emails sent from the monitored phone.

Most monitoring applications will cover up these as their basic features and are usually affordable. On the other hand they offer some exciting features which are a bit more expensive but give some intense advanced options for us to dig furthermore.

Competition has definitely toughened up as companies have started improving their softwares and introducing new features (maybe even working on new ones as well!). They’re trying to widen the monitoring features and go beyond the normal “monitoring and tracking” claims. Check out the detailed reviews of some of the best spy programs such as mSpy, Mobistealth and FlexiSPY.

While we are talking about the advanced features, lets take a look at some which are offered nowadays :

  • Monitor Messaging Apps – Apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage etc can be effortlessly monitored.

  • Phone Surroundings Recording – This advanced feature lets you activate the cell phone’s mic as a recorder that records the surrounding noises.

  • Call Recording – You can easily record all the calls of the monitored cell phone and listen to them later on.

  • Remote Control – The target cell phone can be remotely controlled with the help of this advanced feature. You can lock or unlock the phone, erase the data, block or unblock certain apps.

  • Alerts And Notifications – You can set up words for alerts, or even put up certain phone numbers for notifications. This one is specially helpful for kids monitoring.

Besides some other features, these are some of the features which are available majorly among all spy softwares. As new smartphones and apps are launched every day, cell phone spyware companies come up with effective ways to monitor them.