Cell Phone Parental Control – Do You Need Software?

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Teenagers and kids as young as 10 years with smartphones in their hands are no big surprise these days. In today’s age, when technology has wondered us with its sky reaching advancements, children have one click access to social media, chat messengers through the Web. Moreover, the trend of online study has made students to spend more hours in front of their desktops or mobile screens.

Internet, Cellphones And Teenagers- Today’s Scenario!

While all this goes on, an emerging issue which needs instant and thorough consideration is the misusage of Internet technology by youngsters. Parents might never have a clue when their growing kid starts talking to unknown individuals and gets involved in criminal activities, unless and until parents keep an eye on them.

To avoid such dangerous circumstances, it becomes important for parents to keep a check on activities their kids do. Taking aid of some efficient parental control tools for cell phones, one can do the job of a smart parent without bothering about time and location. Different child monitoring softwares offer different tracking features and therefore, parents can choose and buy a software according to their monitoring needs.

What Type of Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Should Be Used?

From complete web blocking on the target phone to capturing call records, there are ample parental control features offered by cell phone spy softwares. But, a key factor that plays crucial role in the usage of spy apps is whether to use the one that works visibly or go the stealth way? By this, I simply mean that there are several tracking programs that are visible on the phone; so your child will get to know about it.cell phone parental control

On the other hand are those apps which work in hidden mode and your kid would never be able to know that you watching him/her. If you follow the former way, i.e. when your child knows that his/her phone has a software installed on it, your kid might put up his smart shoes and keep continuing his wrong activities without letting you know. Yes! kids are that smart these days!

So, the ultimate choice you are left with is to use a spy software that works in the background of the target phone without giving the user any clue about it. But don’t think as if you are spying on your child, it is rather more of protection because you are a responsible parent and you do care for your child.

How to Choose A Cell Phone Spy software For Your Child?

To make the choice for a good software, I have listed here two well renowned spy brands i.e. mSpy and Mobistealth that have collected significant appreciation from the users. let’s take a look what these offers:

  • Both these spy softwares offers all basic cell phone monitoring features including text message tracking, fetching call logs, spying web browsing and emails, GPS location tracking.
  • A significant addition to their spy feature list is WhatsApp tracking. As you know WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application used by kids these days. So spying it is an excellent way to know what your infant is doing.

While both these brands offer extensively efficient spy features, there are certain parameters which separates them apart. Take a tour:


  • Cell Phone Lock And Unlock: Sitting at the comfort of your place you can anytime lock and unlock your kid’s phone to restrict their phone usage.
  • Block Apps: if you feel that there are certain apps in your child’s cell phone that aren’t good for him/her, then you can block such apps remotely.
  • Apps Installed: using this feature you can view all the applications installed on the target phone.
  • Watch Social Networks: Children are crazy for social networks like Facebook, Twitter. mobile spy allows you to watch their social networking activities through this feature.


Being one of the first spy software brands to make the public familiar with the importance of cell phone parental control features, this brand offers a few advanced benefits.

  • Call Recording: This feature lets you listen to and record live phone call conversations of the target phone, which means you can listen about what and to whom your child is talking over the phone.
  • Set Alerts: its instant alert feature allows you to receive notifications in case the target user calls a specific number, recieve or send text message to a particular contact. You will be sent an email or text message on your phone whenever such movements are detected.
  • View apps: You can view list of all apps installed and used on the target device.
  • Lock and Unlock: A handy feature that lets you control phone usage remotely.

Though, there isn’t much difference between both these cell spy softwares, but your choice matters on what exactly are your requirements.Installing a spy software app on the cell phone of your child can be a huge relief as you can ensure his/her security at any instant of time!