Can WhatsApp Be Spied Without Downloading Any Software?

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WhatsApp is huge when it comes to messaging applications! There have been many apps introduced and launched before and after WhatsApp, but nothing compares with it. With every other spy software claiming to spy on WhatsApp, there is one question that bothers the minds of many – Can WhatsApp Be Spied Without Downloading Any Software? Read on to know more about it..

Whether it is WhatsApp Spying, or simply cell phone monitoring, you can’t get any results without using any software! To be precise, you can’t even do that remotely, however you have to make sure you install such a software in the target cell phone.

What Is WhatsApp Spyware?

WhatsApp Spyware is an app that lets you to monitor the activities of the WhatsApp account of a target cell phone. By activities we mean monitoring and getting access of the conversations that are taking place in that particular device’s WhatsApp.

What Does WhatsApp Spyware Do?

WhatsApp Spyware monitors each and every activity of the WhatsApp account. The app obviously tracks every message belonging to the conversation, and the whole conversation then gets assembled which the monitoring user can read later on. With this spyware you can:

  • Read entire conversations.
  • Check the date and time stamps.
  • View Media shared via WhatsApp, such as Images, audio and video etc.

Can We Monitor WhatsApp Without Any Software?

No! You can’t monitor or read even a single message without the help of a software, and that software has been well discussed above. Anyhow WhatsApp Spy Download is easy to do, and the spy app is supposed to be installed in the target cell phone, whose WhatsApp you have to monitor.

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  • Since WhatsApp monitoring is an advanced feature, you may want to consider rooting the android device, or jailbreaking the iPhone, whichever your target smartphone is! If you don’t do it, you might not get any results out from the spy program.
  • Once your target smartphone has been processed (rooted or jailbroken) you can install WhatsApp spy software on it, and get started with the monitoring process.
  • All the monitored data will go directly in your user account provided by the monitoring service, where you can read all conversations and fetch WhatsApp media as well.