The Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews of Top 5

Updated June 2021

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Hello and welcome to MobieSpy! This website was created to provide you with the Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews. We are going to take you on a journey that will allow you to better understand all of the features provided by cell phone spy software.  As you peruse this site, you will learn more about the effectiveness of spy software and how it can assist you in monitoring your children, employees, or even your spouse!

When you use a powerful cell phone spy and monitoring tool in your investigation you can reveal all activities on any phone such as an iPhone, Android, Windows,  or Blackberry.  The app is extremely easy to install on the cell phone you may been wanting to monitor.  The installation takes about 5 minutes and after that the app starts synchronizing and uploading the monitored information from the cell phone to the server.  This information can then be viewed by logging onto the control panel. This allows you to remotely and discreetly monitor the target cell phone!  I have tested several monitoring applications over the years and have done the work necessary to provide you with the best most up to date accurate information.

OK, let’s start with the reviewing details of these cell phone spy apps. I would suggest that you analyze your core needs and requirements for monitoring your target user. Depending upon your needs we will be able to help identify the best application for you within the right price range for your budget.  Enjoy reading the reviews!

If you want to skip ahead here is the review of our #1 software pick for 2021:


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If you want to skip ahead here is the review of our #3 software pick for 2021​:


Best Cell Phone Spy Software for 2021 – Top 5

We have reviewed the spy phone software by using distinct categories to assist in the comparison.  The top 5 spy phone software packages will be analyzed for:

* Monitoring Features
* Software Performance
* Customer Support
* Reliability
* Pricing

Common Features Between Spy Phone Software

1. Require Network Connection – You must have an available internet connection through WiFi or mobile data on your device and the target phone. A good internet connection through WiFi or Mobile data will allow you to receive the monitored phones information onto your respective spy software’s online account. In order to access the stored information that has been collected,  you will also need an internet connection (WiFi or Mobile). In other words, connectivity to the internet for the target device and the monitoring device are necessary.

2. Hidden and Untraceable  – The spy application software is undetectable and will work entirely in the background, concealed from view. This means that the target phone user  will have no idea they are being monitored. The application will be executed completely in the background. No icon will show on the home screen of the phone for the target user.

3. Rooting for Android Devices – Rooting is necessary for all Android devices in order to use the advanced features of the spy phone software.  I’ll explain more about rooting below.

What is Rooting You Ask?

Rooting is a non-complex process that may need to be performed on Android devices [Mobile phones or Tablet] to unlock the many features on the phone that have been constrained by the mobile manufacturer or provider.  If you are looking to access advanced spying features such as WhatsApp, Facebook chats etc., then rooting will need to be performed.  Once a device is rooted, you will have the ability to install all of the available third party applications such as games, monitoring or spying programs and much more.

4. Jailbreak for Apple Products – The iPhone, iPad, iPod may need to undergo the jailbreak process. There are few spying programs that we have reviewed that offer a “No Jailbreak Necessary” option. We will discuss these programs in detail during the reviews.

5. Physical Access May be Necessary – No matter whichever spy software you choose to monitor the target user, it may be necessary to get your hands on his/her cell phone.  With the exception of the “No Jailbreak Required” software, you will need to install the spy phone software on the target phone!  Without grabbing their cell phone you will not be able to install the software onto it. Beware of applications that claim – “NO Physical Access Required!”  In the case of all Android phones, you will need to have the phone in your hands for couple of minutes to activate the spy software by downloading and installing.

OK, enough with the generalities.  Let’s get into the details for the best spy phone software for 2021! ​

#1 – mSpy (Great for Parental control of Iphone and Android Devices)

mSpy is a sophisticated spy software application with many parental control features. It provides you with hands down the best monitoring solution for the desktop computer and your mobile device. This app will allow you to have insight into your child’s online social groups by being able to view their WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Facebook email etc.. The basic features on most of the spy apps are mostly the same.  It is the more advanced features that are only available when you upgrade from the basic package.   When deciding on a package, look closely at the comparison table to verify that the feature you want is available, and then make sure you are getting the right level package that includes the features you want!

mSpy really delivers in features!  It can locate the vicinity of the target phone through the GPS locator, restrict the boundaries or routes with the geofencing feature, view the stored media content in the phone gallery, block apps, check the phonebook details along with the notes and calendar details.  These features are all executed flawlessly and the software is compatible with almost all popular smartphone brands including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, and others that run on the iOS or Android platform.

Want to learn more about the spying features that allow you to get some insight into your children and teenagers?  Keep reading!

Spying Aspect of mSpy

1. Limit Applications, Channel Surfing and Incoming Calls – Website browsing all their interests and curiosities is one of the favorite pass times for all teenagers.  This can sometimes lead them to some age inappropriate sites or games, of course by accident.  You can now view the URL of the inappropriate site and mark it in the blocked list.

Another great feature is the ability to block incoming calls from unwanted numbers or people that you think are preying on or bullying your child. Of course you cannot completely confine your children from all things in life, but you should have the option to know what is going on and take appropriate action as necessary.

2. Keylogger with accuracy – This extraordinary feature will allow you to read their text messages created from the various instant messaging applications that aren’t compatible with mSpy. It allows you to read each and every key typed from the keyboard therefore you can see their passwords and personal email and text conversations. Note that this feature, is only available for Android devices.

3. Wi-Fi Networks to locate the target phone – A list of connected WiFi networks supported with the specific coordinates lets you uncover the exact location of the target user.

4. Computer Monitoring – In addition to monitoring the mobile phone, mSpy will allow you to review the desktop of the target user as well. This feature is very useful for employee monitoring especially in the Information Technology, IT domain. The following features are available in this spy software version.

    • User Activity – Check the user’s logged on time.
    • Keylogger – Even for deleted text messages etc., keylogger will show you each and every keystroke of the target user.
    • Keylogger word search – All phrases and words typed can be searched and viewed.
    • Screenshots – A screenshot of the desktop can be snapped so that you can have a precise overview of the target screen activity.
    • Web Mailer – All mails opened in various browsers such as Google chrome, firefox, Safari and Internet explorer can easily be read by you.
    • Application use – Review the most frequently used applications by the target user.
    • Installed Applications – Check and review the Installed Applications.
  • Automatic Software Updates – mSpy includes free updates to keep your software operating at peak performance.

There are many more features that are in the works for mSpy including:

    • Browser History & Bookmarks
    • Web searches monitoring
    • Copy/Paste tracker
    • Website Search Monitoring
  • 24/7 E-Mail & Chat Support

5. Best Customer Support – mSpy has spectacular customer support.  They provide this support to their customers via several options: Helpline numbers, Skype, Live chat and Support via emails. They also provide in-person support for installing the software on the target user’s device.

6. mSpy No Jailbreak: mSpy is one of the few spy software programs that needs no downloading or installation on the target phone (Apple iPhone only).  This is the best option for those that are afraid to make any changes to the target users iPhone. If jailbreaking an iPhone is what you are afraid of and yo still want to monitor your iPhone user then look no further.  You should simply choose the mSpy application with the No Jailbreak option.

To get started with this all you need is the iCloud login details of the target user i.e. Apple ID [username and password].  After you enter the login details in the required fields of the mSpy application, within a couple of minutes you can view all of their iMessages, WhatsApp conversations done in groups or individually and text conversations. The saved notes, phone call logs and much more can be inspected by you through their iCloud account. The spy reports will be displayed on your authorized web based mSpy control panel.

How To Use mSpy Effectively?

You will need to get the target user’s smartphone into your hands for about 5 minutes. Then quickly download and install the software by following the instructions carefully. Now, after performing the installation you will be presented with the “successfully installed” message on the target’s cell phone. Now  login with the provided details to the mSpy control panel and you will be able to view the reports in real time. It takes few minutes to get the information uploaded on the spy server, so stay patient and get ready to view the monitoring logs.

mSpy has numerous features that can be used, even if you are using the no jailbreak option.   Analyze your monitoring needs and then select the subscription package that best meets your personal situation.

It is available for mobile and desktop version in three packages which are Basic, Premium, and Bundle kit. There is also a Family Kit option that allows for multiple target phones to be tracked.  These packages are divided from the monthly to annual subscriptions which starts from $8.33 per month to $84.99 per month.

#2 – Mobistealth (Spy Phone App for Computers and Cell Phones)


Mobistealth is an excellent spy software for employee monitoring and child monitoring. It is compatible with all of the leading mobile operating systems including: Android, iOS, BlackBerry and the Symbian operating systems. Most of the spy phone softwares that have been reviewed are compatible with Android and iOS, but the Symbian OS [Operating System] that supports Nokia smartphones has been left out by many.  MobiStealth spy software is one of the few that are compatible with the Nokia Symbian OS.

Nokia users can now benefit from the compatibility of the Mobistealth app. In addition to the cell phone monitoring software, Mobistealth supports the desktop as well. Unlike some of the other software that has been reviewed,  this one has a moderate price range. It is affordable by all users who have a fixed budget for monitoring purposes. Let’s review the monitoring features of this spy software.

Several features include: Reviewing their text messages, perusing phone call records, WhatsApp chats, Facebook chats, emails and more.  You can also get access to all stored multimedia content such as pictures, videos, phone book contacts, calendar appointments, reminders and much more.

Spying Aspects of Mobistealth

Mobistealth Mobile Phone Software includes ALL the advanced features necessary to truly get you the answers you want and deserve.

1. Scan Their Emails – Emails sent, received or deleted through MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail and GMail Logging can be tracked by you at anytime. You can also view the complete Yahoo and MSN chat threads, Keystroke logging and screen shots in addition to Skype Chat and the entire web history of the target user.

2. Uncover Their GPS locations – There are two different techniques available where the location of your loved ones, spouse, children, mobile workforce or field workers can be identified for you. The first way is through  location tracking with GPS and the other manner is the location tracking without GPS.  You can accurately plot the target’s locations through an online map that gets displayed on your dashboard at the regular interval of 8 minutes.

It is mandatory to turn on the GPS location tracker button on the target smartphone.  If the GPS location tracking cannot be turned on there is an alternative method. The without GPS method works with the help of the signals received from the satellite towers or through the open wifi networks. The location coordinates will be accurately displayed on the control panel dashboard.

3. Monitor Instant Chat Messengers – You may notice that the list is not as long when compared with mSPy and FlexiSPY, but it can capture the widely used Instant Messengers [IM]. Here is the list of the chat applications that can easily monitored and read by you.

Chat Logging of Blackberry messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Yahoo chat messenger, Skype chat messenger, MSN chat messenger.

4. Monitor iPhone Users Without Jailbreak – To uncover the data and information of any iPhone, you no longer need to jailbreak the device.

All that you need is the Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad that you want to monitor to get remote access to:

    • SMS History
    • CALL History
    • WhatsApp Chat
    • Skype Chat
    • KiK Chat
    • Line Chat
    • Viber Chat
    • Contacts
    • Pictures
  • Location Tracking

5. SIM Change Notification – If the target user changes his/her SIM then the notification of the change will be sent to you through email or text message (SMS).

6. Delete Phone’s Data – This is known as phone wiping which helps protect personal information and identity in case the cell phone gets lost or misplaced somewhere. This prevents and sensitive information from being used by strangers.

How To Use MobiStealth Effectively?

Mobistealth is a user friendly application that gets installed on the target’s smartphone. Within a short period of time, the application will start retrieving the required information into your web control panel’s account.

You can conduct surveillance of the employee staff by utilizing the desktop monitoring software feature. It may be quite difficult to effectively monitor your white collar staff.  You sometimes have no idea of whether they’re really working for your organisation, killing time or they might be doing their personal work in office hours. You can at least have some idea of what is happening with the aid of the spy app.  In addition, the mobile workforce can be tracked with the cell phone monitoring software installed on their business office smartphones.

Mobistealth makes software for three categories of devices including mobile phone, PC and MAC. There are either two or three subscription packages with varied validity periods depending on the type of device you are using . The price starts from $13.33 and goes up to $179.99.

#3 – FlexiSPY (Professional Grade Spy Software for Apple Iphone, Ipad, Android, and Blackberry)

flexispyhomeflexispyhomeFlexiSPY is an advanced spy software product that gives access to professional grade and cutting edge monitoring features. This surveillance software is compatible across all the popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and more. FlexiSPY is extremely user friendly for the level of features that it provides. Software installation is quick and simple and can be done in a few minutes.   Even as an amateur, you will feel right at home using this software with its great Customer support.  The one feature that really sets this software apart from the rest is the call recording and listening feature.  It is the one feature that is uniquely available with FlexiSPY.

After thoroughly testing this software, I was amazed at the monitoring performance.  The software is able to track the target user’s SMS or text messages, iMessages, emails, record phone calls, web browser history, phone’s gallery (photos and videos). The tracking of all of the famous fourteen chat messenger apps for example: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, BBM, Google Hangouts and many more is a great feature that is provided by this spy software.

Spying Aspects of FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY has the basic features listed above and then some additional advanced features which are described below.  This professional grade spy software comes in two versions which are described below.

FlexiSpy Premium Version vs. FlexiSpy Extreme Version

With the premium version you get the basic features like tracking of call logs, text messages, phone gallery etc. With the Extreme version you will get the spy elements that are listed here:

1. Phone Recording Features – Comprised of several different call recording features which are listed below:

  • a) Phone Call Listening and Recording – The call intercept feature allows you to discreetly listen to the live calls of the target user. Beyond the call intercept feature it also permits you to record the call of the target user for later listening. This feature is very beneficial in a scenario when one cannot listen to the calls in the real time.
  • b) Ambient Recording and Listening – Unlike the live call listening and recording feature this feature allows you to listen and record the surroundings of the red marked target using the microphone in the mobile phone of this targeted user.

2. Learn Their Passwords – If you feel that your children are too protective of their smartphones and have also set the password lock for various IM applications then the feature called password cracker will allow you to discover their secret codes in no time. It is important to know your child’s social circle and with whom your children are conversing and chatting all day long with.

3. Track Their Location with GPS – This feature allows you to easily track your target user anytime and anywhere.  Along with knowing their location from GPS you can also set boundaries or restrict the places which you feel should be off limits for your target user using a cool feature called Geo Fencing. You will be notified through an email or SMS whenever the target user is approaching or exceeding the boundary area you have defined.

4. Remotely Modify Phone Settings – You can either lock or unlock the phone remotely using the online FlexiSPY control panel. Modification of the target user’s smartphone settings is easily accomplished without touching his/her cell phone.

5. Keyword or Number Alerts – Set alerts for keywords or phone numbers that you would like to look for in unwelcomed text messages, calls or emails received by your target user.  The alerts can be set to be an SMS alert or an email alert, which will simply notify you when the targeted person will try to communicate with the person that is registered in the blocked list by you.  This allows you to monitor for inappropriate behavior in a discreet manor.

6. Keylogger – This will eep track of everything that the target person is doing on his/her mobile phone. The login details and passwords to various apps can now be discovered through FlexiSPY. The keylogger is a feature that lets you trace whatever they are typing on the keyboard.  Every keystroke will become available to you.

7. Block Inappropriate Content – There are many apps present in the Apple and Android app store which are inappropriate to be viewed by your children. You can now watch over the installed apps or games on their smartphones. If you find obscene content you can remotely uninstall the apps from their cell phones to prevent them from viewing.

How To Use FlexiSPY Effectively?

​After reviewing all the information for the FlexiSPY software features, let’s review the ease of installation and use.  To begin with FlexiSPY you need to install it onto the target user’s smartphone.  After that you must follow the instructions and perform the changes to start the application monitoring. Within few minutes the reports will be uploaded to the FlexiSPY server.

In order to view the detailed reports that will be created, you have to login to your FlexiSPY account with the provided details i.e. username and password. You must note that to use this software on the iPad, iPhone or iPod, you will need to jailbreak the device. If you have an Android phone, you will need to perform the rooting process for the Extreme Version; however for the Premium version you don’t need to root the Android device.

You can access the FlexiSPY Premium version for $68  to $149 (1 to 12 months)  and the FlexiSPY Extreme version for $199 – $349 (3 to 12 months).

#4 – Spyera (Spy Software for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Symbian)


Spyera is a new entrant to the spy software market.  For a new product, they offer all of the features that the old brass have been offering so they have caught up very quickly.  I would caution that new software takes time to be proven out, so that is why this package is not as highly rated as the previous reviewed packages.  Over time this will improve I’m sure, so let’s give this spy software some time to prove itself!  Spyera offers a vast array of features to discover the information needed from your target phone. It has very advance monitoring features for a new entrant and allows you to review the activity on your child or spouse’s mobile phone and allows control of the mobile privileges you have granted especially to your children.​

The basic features are similar to all of the previously reviewed monitoring software packages. For example viewing the text message records, call records, GPS location, saved contact list, appointment and saved reminders, multimedia folders that contain photos and videos and much more.

A surprising addition to the Spyera spy app that is similar to FlexiSPY and MobiStealth is the call recording functionality. This feature lets you hear the live calls of the target user without giving them any indication that the conversation is being reviewed. In addition to this, it also boasts a feature called VOIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] call tracker. This additional feature allows you to review your target user’s VOIP call logs along with the regular phone calls record.  O.K. Scroll down below and let’s look at some more features.

Spying Aspects of Spyera

1. Spy in Secret – You can hide the icon of the spy app in addition to the icon of the jailbreak or rooting software which might otherwise appear on the homescreen or the target users phone.  We are now in the territory of clandestine monitoring. Choose to execute Spyera in hidden mode is half of the hiding ability. The other half can be achieved by selecting certain options that are presented while installing the app or you can reach to it from the settings option.  Here are a few of the key stealth features:

    • Hide from App Menu
    • Hide From Task Manager
    • Hide from Launcher
    • AES/PKI Encryption
    • Remove installation traceability
    • HTTPS Encryption
    • Hide evidence of rooting on Android
  • Hide evidence of iPhone Jailbreak

2. Ambient Listening – You can hear what’s happening around the target users smartphone. Make a silent and hidden call to the phone and then listening the phones’ surroundings, like a bugging device (conversations in the room, etc).

3. VOIP Call Tracker – The ever popular instant messenger applications also provide the ability for free phone calls.  With the VOIP call tracker you are enabled to get the complete record of the VOIP calls which are conducted through Facebook, Skype, Line, Facetime, WeChat, Viber, GTalk or WhatsApp.

4. Multiplatform Software– When you buy Spyera, the same software package will work on Android, iPhone, Symbian, and Blackberry.  For example, if for any reason your target user changes his/her Android smartphone into an iPhone then the software can be swapped easily and you can begin monitoring again!

5. Track Their Location – Need to stay informed about the whereabouts of your teenagers, significant other or employees?  Now you can track their location history, current GPS location and review their weekly movement history. You can also mark and geo fence the restricted areas and be notified when a violation of the marked area occurs.

How To Use Spyera Effectively?

Now we know that Spyera is a fairly new software; however, they have come up with some tremendously advanced features that provide enhanced functionality for parental control and employee monitoring purposes. The process of using this application is very similar to the previously reviewed cell phone spy apps. The first step is to purchase the app, then download and install the app on the red target user’s mobile phone. After completing this step you then login to the control panel with the user name and password and there you will be able to access all the discovered information about your target user. The data will be displayed in the easy to use Spyera control panel.  Spyera is fairly simple to install and use.

With all of the advanced features, this is a solid offering. This app is appropriate to be used on either the Android or iOS or Symbian or Blackberry platforms. So Junior Detectives, just select the best one for your situation and make sure the price is right for your needs.

The packages are are put together by product category. Tablets, Smartphones or the All in One package.  The subscription period varies depending on the package you decide is right for you. The price starts from $149 and goes up to $689 for a two year subscription.

#5 – Highster Mobile (Spy Software for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Symbian)

​Highster Mobile is a great choice for both the Android and iPhone smartphone users. The Pro Edition is the version that allows for use on Apple products in both jailbreak and no jailbreak configurations.  This product is a little newer to the spy software game, but they have put together a very strong offering that is feature rich.  I’m sure over time the ranking on this one will move up.

Note that if you are using the spy apps software on Android devices, the rooting process does not need to be done to get the core monitoring features such as tracking text messages, checking phone call logs, tracing GPS locations etc..

Therefore these elementary characteristics can be exercised without complying any extra procedure. However as described previously that to monitor the instant messenger or social networking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line etc. then rooting the device becomes an obligation. Hence first root the device and thereafter install the spy app onto it.

These basic features are readily available by just installing the software; however to monitor instant messenger communication or social networking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line etc. you will need to perform rooting on the device.  Rooting the device will get you the full feature set offered by the software.  Some may be uncomfortable with the rooting process, so rest assured the software will still provide value without rooting.

Let’s review the excellent features which can be very useful for parents that may want to keep tabs or spy on their children or employers who may wish to monitor their employees or mobile workforce.

Spying Aspects of Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile has one version which simplifies the selection process. The pro edition of Highster Mobile is a very capable and feature rich spy application that is very effective at capturing the mobile information of the target user. If you have kids that are easily swayed or you suspect a problem with uploading obscene photographs or profile pictures then this software can be very useful for you.  Alcohol and drug abuse may be suspected, but can be very easy to hide.  The Highster Mobile features may be everything you need to discover the offense and have that much needed discussion.

Take a few seconds to scroll down and learn about the features that can aid you in discovering their secret texts/ SMS, phone call records, photos and many more facts and figures by logging onto your online Highster Mobile spy account.

1. Scan Their Text Messages – You can monitor all of their complete text messages or SMS. The text message threads that are sent, received and even deleted can be discovered and read by you at anytime by reviewing the online dashboard.

2. Review Phone Call Records and Multimedia Photos – Stop the worrying and anxiety thinking about the phone calls that are being received by your husband, wife or child on the target phone.  Just take a look at all of their incoming and outgoing call logs along with the date and time details. In addition, all saved photos or pictures can be reviewed by you as it all gets uploaded to your authorized online Highster Mobile account.

3. Review Their Social Messenger Accounts – Check out the popular chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Twitter and Emails. This feature is especially useful for teen parents to keep an eye on their children’s Instant messaging applications and mailbox.

4.Find Their Real-time GPS Locations – Tracking the location of the monitored person is extremely easy. No need to follow them in person, simply discover the location of your target user in Google maps.  Now you will alway have knowledge of their real time location.

5. Stealth Viewing Through Their Mobile Camera:  Of course you can view their photos and videos stored in the gallery, but you can also get a live picture of your target user along with their surroundings. In order to use this unique feature you need to activate this option in the control panel. You can then store these new pictures you have snapped in your online spy account for later viewing.6. View Web Browser History, Contacts and Calendar – Do you need to see what your kids are browsing and surfing on the internet? You can now check frequently visited websites and block them if needed. Review their phone contacts and associated information as well as calendar entries scheduled by the monitored user.

7. Additional Monitoring Features – Block unwanted applications from being used, set alerts that go off when the target phone leaves a restricted area (geofencing) and review installed apps. You can even remotely control the target user’s mobile phone.

How To Use Highster Mobile Effectively?

More or less the processes to download and install the software is almost similar. There has been tremendous improvement in the operational elements of this spy software. Like FlexiSPY this spyware first needs to be planted on the target user’s smartphone and thereafter following the indicated guidelines you will be ready to use the software for your required monitoring purpose.

Like the previous software packages that have been reviewed, the process for using HIghster Mobile is very similar.  Download and install the software which should take about 5 minutes (probably less). There has been tremendous improvements in the installation and functionality of this spy software. This spyware first needs to be installed on the target user’s smartphone and then follow the Highster Mobile instructions.  You will then be ready to use the software for your required monitoring purpose.

Their is one unique feature that users will love about Highster Mobile.  It comes with a Lifetime license! All of the other spy apps that are available have a subscription package model withvalidity periods.  This app has an economical price that is a one time charge.

Simple, no confusion pricing of $69 and is compatible with both the Android and iPhone users and smartphones with no hidden charges. This low cost economical software is a no brainer to keep your kids safe from exploitative situations that could make them vulnerable.

Increase Need For Spy Software!

In a recent survey conducted by the i-SAFE foundation it was widely reported that the cases of the cyber-bullying have markedly increased due to the high usage of the social networking apps amongst adolescents and teens:

    • “Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.”
    • “More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online.”
    • “Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.”
  • “Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.”

Posting or sharing inappropriate pictures is the other side of this situation.  Keeping an eye on your loved ones electronic communication may become necessary if you suspect something is not right.

Other Important Factors to Check

    • Review The Spy Software Compatibility – Although most of the spy applications are compatible with the most popular operating systems – Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, we suggest that you should thoroughly check the compatibility of the spy software with your specific device and operating system.  If you have a very new phone it may take a while for a compatible spy software to become available.  This is because the process of rooting or jail breaking the newer version of the OS is not easy and takes some time to complete.
    • Look For Good Customer Support – You absolutely must have good customer support to assist you in case a problem should arise.  Whether it’s the installation or even getting help using the online dashboard.  Look for the live chat, skype, live call or email support to communicate any issues that you may have.
  • Stay Away From Deceptive Deals – Don’t fall for the shady deals offered by some of the “fly by night” spy app companies.  If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!   You can avoid falling into this trap by reading reviews on your software of interest and making sure that they have been tested and reviewed by a good source.  Remember what your core needs and requirements are and then select your spy app based on the features that a specific company and product offers for you.

I have reviewed many cell phone spy software packages and have seen some pretty bad ones!  The top 5 best cell phone spy software packages for 2021 have been listed on this site and I would like to recommend these apps for your monitoring purposes. Without looking any further you can choose any one of them to spy on your target user through their smartphones or desktop’s. All five of them work very well and will get the job done.

Note: This is a reminder that to use the spy software on an iPhone, you may have to jailbreak the device to get all of the functionality of the software. If you wish to hack a phone without jailbreaking it then #1 mSpy or #2 Mobistealth without jailbreak is the best solution for you.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for customer friendly, 24/7 client support and an application that is packed with multiple enhanced spying features then mSpy and Mobistealth are the two best options for you.  These two have been around for a while and have had many years to get their software working well with lots of user friendly features.

mSpy, although ranked #1 does not provide the call recording feature and ambient sound feature.  If these are important, then I would go with the #2 ranked Mobistealth which does provide for call recording and ambient sound recording.  Although Mobistealth is #2, it is a very close #2 and could almost be a tie for the number one spot.  Choose what you need for your monitoring needs and then select an appropriate application for yourself.  You can’t go wrong with either one of these cell phone spy apps.

I very much appreciate you visiting my website.  My hope is that I have provided you with the information that you needed and you now have some knowledge about cell phone spy apps. Please feel free to contact me for any more details or questions and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Best Wishes,

Lexi Taylor​